Mar 15, 2013

Cosmedic LumiDay Brightening Day Lotion SPF30+++ ~ Review & Swatch

Cosmedic LumiDay Brightening Day Lotion SPF30+++ Claims:
Daily-use facial moisturizer significantly reduces dullness and discoloration while correcting the appearance of marks. Our proprietary Concentrated Hydroxy Complex delivers a potent mix of 4% Alpha Hydroxy Acids combined with Natural Moisturising Factors for gentle yet effective results. Broad spectrum SPF 30++ simultaneously prevents further pigmentation from occurring. Free of hydroquinone, steroids, and other irritating demelanizing agents. Hypoallergenic and Non-Comedogenic!
Cosmedic Lumiday Brightening Day Cream SPF
Price: 450 INR for 60ml

Shelf Life: 2 years
Availability: www.cosmedic .com
My Expectations: Summers have started so, instead of layering my skin with Moisturizer + Sunscreen, I prefer a day cream that offers UVA + UVB protection along with moisturizing my dry skin. As the LumiDay Brightening Day Lotion SPF30+++ claims to moisturize, brighten and protect I am  hoping to get an even skin tone with improved texture.
Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream Review
To know how effectively LumiDay can brighten up your face, read on…..

Look & Feel

  • Package: Comes in a  light-weight plastic bottle with a well gripped cap and a pump dispenser.  The dispenser is  easy to use and allows us to control the quantity of the cream dispensed. So a perfectly portable package it is Smile

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream Pump

  • Fragrance: Has a slight medicinal fragrance which is definitely not my choice. But it’s mild and wears off in about 15 minutes.

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream  Swatch

  • Texture: A liquid cream with emollient soothing nature. I love the mild cooling sensation it offers to the skin.

LumiDay Brightening Cream Effects

  • Moisturization? Due to it’s emollient nature it feels a little greasy on skin so, you just need a very little amount. Also I noticed that when used with a good toner this Day Cream made my skin smooth without greasiness

Swatch BlendingCosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream  Blending

  • Whitish Cast? While blending you can notice a slight whitish cast but once the cream is completely blended the cast vanishes.

Swatch Blended FullyCosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream  Blended

  • Sun Protection? Yes very much. On a few days I had to go out in the mid-afternoon sun and I noticed that this cream didn’t let the sun show it’s adverse effects on my complexion. It offers UVB cum UVA protection so a complete sunscreen for your skin. To understand more about the UVA, UVB, SPF and PA+++ factors read my post here

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Day Cream Ingredients

  • Brightening?  I have tested it alone for a month and then tested it for 15 days in combination with Cosmedic  Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask . I felt that this cream didn’t improve my complexion but it just protected my existing complexion.
  • Makeup Base? If used on toned skin it works well as a moisturizing makeup base else, you need to set your makeup with a good mattifying powder.

Cost Efficiency: Moderately Efficient.

Final Note
I can define the LumiDay Brightening Day Lotion as Daily Moisturizer plus complete Sunscreen in a single bottle. It didn’t work for me in improving the complexion but as a general day cream for dry skin I highly recommend this product. I’d suggest ladies with oily skin type to stay away from this cream as it might feel a little heavy.
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Disclaimer: The product was sent by Brand PR for consideration, however this has not affected my opinion in any way. All the views presented are honest based on my personal experience.


  1. Great review Vish!
    I have oily skin so this is not for me.

    1. Hello Megha :)
      yup i feel not safe fr oily skin

  2. Nice Review Vish...
    I have oily skin I will skip this one

  3. nice review....i have oily skin :( but i might use it in winters

    1. hello Prayati dear
      ya in winters m sure it wud wrk amazingly well

  4. seems good and worth trying but not sure if my oily skin would like it.. very nice review though :)

    1. thank u Jasmine dear
      it might b good fr winters though

  5. Great review. ..i have a combination skin....think will let it pass...

    1. thank u Richa :)
      wid good toner it might wrk wen used a little :)


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