Mar 3, 2013

10 Minutes Curls ~ How to Use Bendy Stick Foam Rollers ~ Video Tutorial

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Curling With Bendy Foam RollersWell if you have been regular on my blog then my hair woes are nothing to new to you Smile. I have the biggest trouble after hair wash as my hair tends to behaves in it’s own way till I direct some definition back to it. But during weekdays I obviously have to resort to quick fix methods and in that quest I found Bendy Foam Roller Sticks in a near-by beauty store.  These are also available on eBay

Foam Rollers

Here’s a 10 Minutes Curling Video Tutorial with these Foam Sticks.


How to Use Bendy Foam Roller Sticks

Hope you liked this easy-peasy hair styling method. Waiting to hear from you Smile

Happy Preening..…



  1. Awesome tutorial Vish.How much do these rollers cost in india? and can I know where did u get them?

    1. Hi Smita thanks a lot dear
      I got them in a beauty supply store Kathiawar in Hyderabad
      U can get desert on ebay too
      I think a set of 6 costed me 100 or less Dan dat

    2. Hi Vish.. Can U plz tell me the address of the store in Hyd.. Thankz in advance :)

    3. Hey Vish... Too good curls without any heat :) Can u plz tell me the address of the store in Hyderabad ???

  2. These was such a nice post! I have been looking for these foam rollers for a while now..
    YOu have got a really nice blog here.. Keep yp the good work gurl :)

  3. really nicee :))))
    come and see me and maybe we can follow each other ?:)


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