Feb 21, 2013

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask ~ Review & Swatch

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Claims:
Brightening 10-minute facial significantly reduces dullness and hyperpigmentation, resulting in visibly brighter and glowing skin within minutes. Our amplified proprietary Concentrated Hydroxy Complex delivers a potent mix of 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids combined with Natural Moisturising Factors for significantly effective results without irritation. Free of hydroquinone, steroids, and other irritating demelanizing agents. Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic and Oil-Free! .
Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask
Price: 330 INR for 50gm
Shelf Life: 2 years.
Availability: www.cosmedic.in

My Expectations from Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask: I have minor pigmentation around my temples and cheekbones of the face: a consequence of negligence to Sunscreen during teenage. Topping it, the Corporate AC world and the pollution filled journey to the office makes my skin dull & lifeless. My face needs a radiance boost up once in a week to combat the dullness and bring back the brightness to face. So yes these are all my expectations from the Cosmedic Mask.

Lumifast Brightening Mask

Look & Feel

  • Package: It comes in a very study plastic jar package with a well gripped cap and an additional protective lid which makes it travel friendly. The opening of the jar is narrow so it’s slightly difficult to scoop out the product from the jar with fingers. It’s suggestible to use a spatula to take the product out easily which also helps to maintain the hygiene of the mask.

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Package

  • Fragrance: Feels medicinal and chemical. It’s mild and non-bothersome but I wish it has a refreshing fragrance to soothe the nasal senses Smile with tongue out

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Texture

  • Texture: Gooey. It feels like a semi solid chewing gum which has it’s own ups and downsWho me?. The sticky gooey texture causes the mask to spread easily with little quantity but it’s really very difficult to rinse it off completely. You require a lot of water to completely wash the gooey product off the face.

Directions to Use: Apply a thin layer to cleansed face and neck and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse clean with water. Can be used 2-3 times a week.

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Details

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Effects


  • Moisturization? This is a cream mask so it doesn’t dry out the skin. But the excessive water used for rinsing might result in a slightly stretchy skin which can be taken care by a little moisturizer.

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask Effects

  • Brightening? True to the claim within 10 minutes visible brightness is noticed. This can be a great must have mask when you have to party after a long tiring day and need a quick fix for dull skin.
  • Reduces Hyper-Pigmentation? I have used this mask only once in a week and was still able to notice the reduction of the pigmentation around temples. The pigmentation on cheekbones is still there but it did lighten noticeably. I am sure using it 2-3 times a week would be much more effective for extremely pigmented skin.

Lumifast Brightening Mask Swatch

  • Irritations? It’s already mentioned on the package that a slight tingling sensation might be noticed and yes it does tingle a little. However no redness or rashes are caused, so a safe product for skin.

Cost Efficiency? Effective.

Final Note
If uneven skin tones and pigmentation are your worries then Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask is definitely a product to be included in your skin care regime. The only con is the time it takes to rinse the mask off which I don’t mind as long as it cleanses my skin Smile with tongue out
Lumifast Brightening Mask Verdict
Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Minute Mask " in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.
Disclaimer: The product was sent by Brand PR for consideration, however this has not affected my opinion in any way. All the views presented are honest based on my personal experience.


  1. Lovely review...and beautiful pictures :)
    From where i can get it??? :o

  2. Hi Aayushi
    thank you dear
    you can buy it from Cosmedic website

  3. nice review....waiting for your videos vish :)

  4. sounds interesting. I use Origins Microdermabrasion and it has so far worked for me. I have extremely sensitive skin.

    Will try this one sometime too :)


  5. Hmm .. interesting product. You are right, this would be perfect if one wanted instant brightness after a tiring day. Thanks for the review :)


  6. Nice review.. wish I'd got this when I was battling my pigmentation issues.. I did the usual peeling thingy and its not something you can do at home!


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