Jan 19, 2013

The Undeclared Absence….

Hello My Lovely Friends…

Hope you are all doing great.

Undeclared Absence

I know I haven’t posted since a couple of weeks and you must all be wondering  where Vish must have disappeared. Well.. the reason is I am having a little difficulty in juggling between work and blogging especially when I am trying to mend my hard rooted sleeping patterns. I used to blog after coming from work and it used to extend till late night. But, now I am restricting myself from late night blogging so took some time to figure out a routine which includes work, blogging and sleeping early.

I would be posting looks and reviews from the next week, however instead of posting daily for a few months I would be posting for every 1-2 days. Hope you all understand and support me Smile




  1. Hey Vish I was thinking about you only...Take care dear... Waiting for the posts :)

    1. dats sweet of u dear :) <3
      tc too
      and ys soon wud be posting

  2. that's great, vish. Late nights are really bad. I was doing the same but now I sleep earlier and wake up early. it's hard the first week but you will get there. have fun in the mean time :)

    1. hello Coral dear
      yes late nights are bad :(
      in my case 1st week was k as I was filled wid new year enthu :P
      later though i m restricting my self from blogging it's being hard waking up early :(
      but i dnt want to give up yet :)
      thanks fr ur motivation :) <3

  3. tc dear and i hope your routine gets settled!!

  4. My work hours are crazy.I come back home at 4.00 and used to blog but now I'm blogging only in the afternoons

    1. good Dolon
      even I will figure out a routine for blogging at day time :) :)

  5. take care vish..even i was wondering where u have gone...

  6. take care Vish.:)
    Same thing is happening with me .. gearing up for the exams and then update the blog..
    Waiting for your looks dear..<3

    1. ooh all the v best Niesha :)
      take care and yes soon will be back with looks too :) <3

  7. I can totally Understand! :) Waiting for Ur post :)


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