Jan 21, 2013

Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick in G309 ~ Review, Swatch & FOTD

What Avon says about the Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick?

Glossy vibrant lip color that lasts for hours and has the shine of a lip-gloss.Sweetened with a peachy flavor, has a slimline design which is ideal for handbags. 
Avon Glazewear Lipstick Review
Price: 259 INR for 1.8 g

Life Span: 3 years

My Expectations: I expected it to be a lip-color cum gloss with 3-4 hours of wear time. I mainly purchased this lip-color to wear for work because the light peach shade would be apt to brighten up the dull mornings. Let’s see how it lived up to my minor expectations.

Avon Glazewear Apricot

Look & Feel

  • Package: A plastic lipstick tube case with metallic finish. I never had any problems with the package while carrying around or while using the lipstick.
 Avon Glazewear Lipstick Package
  • Fragrance: Yummy truly peach fragrance. Yes truly peach and not artificial. But it wears off in 15 minutes.
  • Shade: G309 [ Apricot ]. Color is a combination of sheer peach and apricot. Suits warm complexions and perfect for work. It adds color to face without grabbing attention.
    Texture: It has a lip-gloss like texture with shimmers. While applying it doesn’t feel silky due to the presence of the shimmers. However, once on lips the shimmers are not too conspicuous.

Avon Glazewear Lipstick Swatch

Avon Glazewear Lipstick Effects

  • Coverage? It’s sheer so may not give coverage to heavily pigmented lips. But, if you have light pigmentation then you will not be disappointed.
Avon Glazewear Lipstick Lip Swatch
  • Finish? Sheer glossy lips with a light feel. Yes, no stickiness Smile

Avon Glazewear Lipstick Lip Swatches

  • Moisturizing? It can be worn without prior priming but the softness doesn’t last long. Hardly an hour Sad smile
  • Lasting Power? The glossy sheen wears off in an hour while the color lasts till 2 hours. 
  • Transfer Resistant? Not completely transfer resistant.

Avon Glazewear Lipstick FOTD

Cost Efficient? Average Efficiency.

Final Note

Avon Glazewear Apricot Final Review

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick in G309" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Nice Review Vish and Dose this suits for pigmented lips???

    1. Hello Rasa
      no dear it may not suit heavily pigmented lips
      but wud wrk fr light pigmentation

    2. Ohh thank you Vish then it is not my lippie :p

  2. Nice color Vish.. Looks pretty on you.:)

  3. Nice review Vish.I loved the color..its so pretty...
    u r looking gorgeous in the FOTD :)

    1. Thanks a lot Amee :)
      yes the color is just the perfect peach tint na

  4. the color looks very nice on you vish..though i would have loved if it stayed longer

    1. thanks Jasmine dear :)
      ya me too v disappointed wid just 2 hours of stay :(

  5. It is looking lovely on u Vish! Nice review :)

  6. you are so pretty, i love seeing your pics, Vish.i suggest you do LOTD's you look so pretty in them

    1. Coral dear :)
      u made my day n s i have been thinking abt the same
      now wid ur words i feel more inspired
      thanks dear

  7. Wow u r a such a lovely gal Vish :* U r rockin d shade :*

    1. awwww :) <3
      thanks Raaga for the lovely compliment :)

  8. Nice shade .. looks great on your lips! Love your FOTD <3


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