Dec 15, 2012

Weekend Musings ~ Make Up Gifts from Bhabi

Hello Lovely Friends,

Hope your weekend is going on well.

ModelsPrefer MakeUp

I want to share some Make Up & Beauty Gifts I received from my Bhabi. She worked in Australia before marriage and while coming back she brought me some amazing Make Up sets. Here are the pictures…

ModelsPrefer MakeUp Set

It’s just the most AMAZING MakeUp Set I have ever used. It has 98 eye-shadows ( 49 neutral & 49 colored) , 70 lip glosses, 3 blushers & highlighters, 6 cream liners, 3 eye pencils, 2 lip pencils and a mascara.

ModelsPrefer MakeUp Kit

Usually with such makeup sets one has to compromise on the quality, but this surely is an exception. All the products I have tried so far were all smooth, easy to work with and all lasted long. In my opinion, it’s a must have for every makeup lover.

Models Prefer

Lip Glosses and Eye Shadows 

ModelsPrefer Professional Minerals Collection - Get the Look Cosmetic Book

It’s a complete Mineral Makeup Collection having 16 loose Eye-shadows, 2 Mineral Liner Eye-shadows, Mineral Foundation and Mineral Blush. Just look how adorably all the products are packed. I haven’t used it till now, for it just seems to precious to touch Blum_Mini LOL!!! would be trying some looks with it soonSmile_Mini . Indeed excited to use them now…

ModelsPrefer Professional Mineral Look Book

Mineral Makeup Kit

Models Prefer Mineral Makeup Look Book 

Mac Prep + Prime

I suggested my bhabi to get MAC primer for her wedding looks and she sweetly purchased a pack for me as well. It’s my 1st MAC product Yahoo_Mini I know with MAC it’s needless to say but still I have to admit it’s a wonderful base for makeup.

Mac Prep Prime


She even bought Duraliner, Inglot Color Correctors and a peach colored Lipstick for me from Inglot.

Inglot Makeup


When my Bhabi saw The Body Shop Hand & Nail Creme Review on my blog, she immediately phoned me and told that she loves hand creams and her favorite is Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream. Honestly, I never heard of that brand before but it’s a Natural Skin Care brand available Internationally. You can checkout their website to know more. So, well she bought me her favorite Rose Hand Cream and a daily Exfoliating cream. Both have such divine fragrance that you immediately feel refreshed.



Thank You

It’s nice to share the gifts with you all Smile_Mini . So have you received any makeup gifts recently? If yes, share what and from whom you have received. I would love to hear from you too Smile_Mini



  1. wow..that an amazing gift Vish..<3 <3

  2. oh mY VIsh, you have such a sweet bhabhi. She's right, Jurlique is a brand that is used by even celebrities, it's world famous for it's skin care and products.
    Looks like you do not need makeup for a very very long time, enjoy your goodies :)

    1. hello Coral :)
      Ya I got to know about Jurlique only through her and now I can see why it's so famous :)
      yes dear no makeup needed for a long time and that's why I am on makeup ban for now

  3. oh my...awesome gift....loved it :)

  4. lucky u ....u got amazing bhabhi...wonderful gifts..:)

    1. hello Puja :)
      yes dear I am just too happy as we are best friends

  5. You must be in makeup heaven Vishy, Lucky gal :-)<3

  6. vish..u have such a sweet all of them...enjoy...

  7. omg..thats alot of stuff and everything is so wonderful..lucky you to have a bhabhi like her and i am sure she is lucky too to have a sis in law like you <3

    1. hello Jasmine dear
      awww sweetie :) thanks fr ur sweet words :)
      yes I am v happy to have her in my family :)

  8. OMG! i have no words... the makeup kits r so so so amazing ! u should not buy a single makeup item all ur life now :D ur bhabi is awesome :)

    1. hello Poorva :)
      hahahhaahh ya i may nt have to buy makeup fr a long long time now

  9. wow!!! Thats a huge kit! You have got one wonderful Bhabhi :)

    1. hello Ray :)
      yes dear :) very happy to have her in my family

  10. OMG!!! lucky u Vish! :D Wish i had a bhabhi like urs. :P

  11. Good Lord! U r super luckyyyyyyyy!!1 Now i know y u din order from MUA or any sale happening lately.. U hit a jackpot already. Woww woww woww! u now have a MAKE UP PARTNER. Ur bhabhi is a real sweet heart to get u all dis.. M simply *drooling* on ur model make up set...Amazzzzzzzzzzing haul wish! n yes Even my aunt sent me some goodies from America

    Check it here -

    1. lol Rico yes she is makeup partner and you know when she came to our place we spent a whole night doing makeovers :P :P
      poor bro lol
      yes love my bhabi fr being a lovely frd to me
      hehehehh all d makeup is so amazing rico
      i m chckng ur haul right away

  12. WOW ! I am so jealous. :P I wish I had a Bhabhi like urs ;)
    Great stuffs <3


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