Dec 9, 2012

Funday Looks ~ Blue Green and Purple in a Twirl ~ Party Eye Make Up

Hello Friends,

Happy Fun Sunday…

Blue Green Purple Eye Makeup

Was just playing around with Blue Green Eye shadows today and created this colorful smokey eye makeup. It’s a fun look that would be apt for night parties. Sharing some pictures with you all Smile_Mini

Blue Green Purple Smokey Eye

 Party Eye Makeup

I have used eye-shadows from ModelsPrefer make up kit. It’s a gift which my bhabi Yahoo_Minibrought from Australia and it is totally awesome. Will do a detailed review about it soon. But if any of your friends or relatives are in Australia, then you know what to ask for  Wink_Mini

Blue Green Purple Eye Make Up 

Hope you liked the look. I am always open to your suggestions, feedback and queries.   Shoot your comments below or you can always Email me.


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  1. Very Pretty!!! :)
    and please pick the call!!
    I been trying to call u :(

    1. hey dear thanks :)
      yup got up v late today so couldn't answer ur call
      called u bak but unable to reach you

  2. U r AWESOME Vish..
    Its so beautiful :)
    Loved it <3

    1. Hi Amee thanks a lot dear
      hope u had a fab weekend


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