Dec 14, 2012

Colorbar Lip Pot - Flushed Plum ~ Review, Swatch & 'Lip Clicks'

What Colorbar says about the Lip Pot?
Colorbar Lip Pot pampers your lips with this deliciously syrupy lip color. It is cushiony and wet and optically plumps your lips for a sexy plushy pout that you'll become addicted to! Lips always look lush, plush and gorgeous! Creamy, moisturizing lip color in a jar

Colorbar Lip Pot Flushed Plum           
Price: 495 for 6g

Life Span: 2 years

Look & Feel

    • Package: This lip color comes in a sealed glass jar with a metallic colored cap. The size of the pot makes it easy to carry around but again the need of a brush makes it inconvenient to use.  Anyways, I cannot deny the fact that it's so stylish and adorable In Love
  • Fragrance: A mild sweet fragrance lingers for few minutes. It's pleasant and non-bothersome.
  • Shade: Flushed Plum: A mid-toned plum color.

    Colorbar Lip Pot Flushed Plum Review
  • Texture: Feels like melted jelly. I very much love the creamy soft texture of this lip color.


    • Coverage? In-spite of being sheer it does provide good coverage to my slightly pigmented lips. Not sure how it would work on heavily pigmented lips.

    Colorbar Lip Pot Flushed Plum Texture

    • Finish? Gives slightly plumped, juicy lips with sheer color. Also, it feels very light. No stickiness yes yes

    Colorbar Lip Pot Flushed Plum Lip Swatch In Natural Light

    • Lasting Power?
    • Color: 6 hours surviving snacks.
    • Luscious Sheen: The juicy texture kind of evaporates and sets to a tint in about 30 minutes.
    • Moisturization: 4 hours on my super dry lips and it cannot survive meals.
    Colorbar Lip Pot Flushed Plum 014 With Flash

    • Non -Transferable? Not transfer resistant.

     Cost Efficient? For the price I feel the quality is average.

    Colorbar Lip Pot Review

    Final Note: I very much like this Lip Pot but for the price paid I expect more pigmentation. However, if you are in the search of long lasting sheer lip colors, then  I am sure you would love it Smile_Mini . So, try it as you will not regret buying it.

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    1. I really wanna have these!!! :):)
      Nice lip swatches Vishuu!! :):)

      1. hehheheh Appu I knew you would love it :)
        do try it dear

    2. Lovely. <3 looks awesome on ur lips. i am not a gloss person so always skipped those bt want to try at least one now. :D

      1. Hello Jyo thanks dear :) <3
        yes yes u should try this
        it wud b of great use when u want to go for the no-makeup makeup luk ;) :)

    3. Such a pretty shade and lovely clicks!!I havent tried these yet but they seem to be really good... :)

      1. Thanks Sophia :)
        yes it's a lovely shade that looks v natural on lips :)

    4. its too sheer.. but nice swatches dear :)

      1. hello Nids :)
        thanks dear yes it's sheer but it lasts long :)

    5. I have a lip pot from them too Vish.. they are really hyrating for me and nice sheer color .:))

      1. yes Niesha I remember you had something in tangerine shade right :)
        yes I agree with your review too dear


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