Dec 5, 2012

Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color ~ Review, Swatch & 'Lips Clicks'

What Colorbar says about the Extra Durable Lip Colors?
Extra Durable Lip Color is a long stay liquid lip colour that is rich in texture. It endures for more than 10 hours after application without feathering, bleeding or smudging. Its non transferable and k*ss proof formula not only locks the lip colour but also keeps the lips moisturised and nourished. The Extra Durable Lip Color is perfect for all occasions, especially a date! 
Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color in Chic
Price: 600 INR for 4.5g

Life Span: 3 years

Look & Feel

  • Package: Comes in a narrow glass tube with the liquid lip color on one end and the gloss to the other end. It’s quite stylish, travel-friendly and a convenient package.

    Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color Package

  • Applicator: To apply the lip color, a doe-foot applicator is given and to apply the gloss a brush applicator is given. Both are very convenient to use.




  • Fragrance: I get a slight toffee kind of fragrance when smelled closely. It lingers for only a few minutes, so not bothersome for sensitive noses.
  • Shade: Chic: A deep pink-maroon color with minimum glitter. Just one stroke is enough to brighten up the face. The gloss is crystal clear.


    Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color Swatches


  • Texture: The liquid lip color is quite thick and slightly sticky to use. The gloss is not thick like the color but it is slightly sticky too.


    • Coverage? As already mentioned, just one stroke is enough to cover the lips and all the pigmentation. Love this factor.

    Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Swatch in Chic

    • Finish? Once, the liquid lip color is applied on lips it remains matte without any sheen. But when topped with a little gloss, you can get juicy lustrous lips.
    • Lasting Power?
    • Color: 6-7 hours surviving full meals. Post which, the color peels off ( Yes!!! you read it right, it doesn’t fade but peels off Blum_Mini ) to a tint and it stays on until a makeup remover is used.

    After 6 Hours

    • Moisturization: 4 hours on my super dry lips and it cannot survive meals. But as the color stays on long, I touch up with a lip balm to restore the moisturization.
    • Gloss: When the gloss is used individually the shine and the moisturization last for about 4-5 hours. 
    • Non -Transferable? Yes very much. Just see the rim of this coffee cup and you will understand.

    Transfer Resistant

     Cost Efficient? Totally worth for the quality and the quantity.

    Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color in Chic Review

    Final Note: I totally recommend the Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Colors for everyone who is on the look out for long lasting lip colors. It might seem pricey but worth every penny.

    Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about " Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color " in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


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    1. wow ur review is really tempting me as am a big fan of colorbar

      1. Good Morning Preetha :)
        Do get them they are amazing...

    2. I am already loving colorbar and this gonna be my next product :)

      1. Yup love colorbar products too
        yes sure do get it there are n*de shades as well from this range

    3. love colorbar lippies hate their pricing strategy increases anytime
      n this shade is lyk made 4 u ..amazing lips :* <3

      1. hey Rico dear :)
        thanks a lot :) :) <3 :*

        ya i agree with you few products are overpriced while few products with amazing quality comes at affordable rates in colorbar

    4. Great review Vish....
      Really pretty shade... :D

    5. same here i love color bar too.:)
      nice color and i loved the lip swatches Vish:)

      1. Niesha :)
        how r u dear
        same pinch same pinch :)
        thanks a lot

    6. I oved the second lip swatch a lot! :) have you used it as a tint there???

      1. Hey Jyo
        how r u
        It's actually after 6 hours of use..
        the color fades to a tint as in the second lip swatch
        I used the lipcolor at 9 30 AM, had snacks and lunch in between and took the picture at around 3 PM.
        So you can see the lasting power :)

    7. That's a gorgeous color Vishy :)

    8. lovely colour vish
      suits u a lot :):)

    9. lovely color vish...loved the second swatch..

      I have an award for u at my blog,grab it..

    10. Replies
      1. hey Preethi dear :)
        get it get it
        it's awesome

    11. nice review..but i want this in a more natural pink shade now.


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