Dec 7, 2012

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Eyeshadow Primer ~ Review, Swatch & Demo

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eyeshadow Primer Claims?

Construct the perfect canvas for eye shadow application with our Shadow Worx Matte Primer. This lightweight, creamy primer appears opaque upon application and is ideal for those with oily lids, uneven skin texture or anyone who experiences creasing or fading. Shadow Worx creates a smooth finish allowing eye shadow to be vibrant, crease and fade proof all day long. The convenient squeeze tube and slim tip allow for precise disbursement of product, down to the very last drop.

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx in Matte

For best results Shadow Worx Primer should be applied in a thin coat over the entire lid and allowed to dry slightly before eye shadow application.

Price: 9.95 $ for 20 ml.

Shelf Life: Not mentioned on the pack.

Look & Feel

  • Package: A slim, silvery plastic squeeze tube with a narrow nozzle. As claimed by Coastal Scents it’s quite a convenient pack and allows controlled use of the primer. Hence a hygienic, travel friendly and  economic pack Smile_Mini

Coastal Scents Eye-Shadow Primer Package

  • Shade: Matte. Though the primer is of light peach shade r it doesn’t impart the color to skin and is indeed translucent. It’s purely matte without any shimmer or glitter.

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Swatch

  • Texture: Light-weight cream primer which spreads easily on the eye-lids. After applying one can feel slight stickiness on the lids.
  • Harmful Ingredients? It has silicones and parabens.

Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Ingredients


  • As a Base? Doesn’t provide any coverage or opacity as it’s translucent. It just improves the color a little as the eye-shadows sticks to the primed eye-lids well.

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Primer Swatches

  • Oil Controlling? As soon as it’s applied it absorbs the oils giving a smooth surface. Later it controls the oils for almost 6 hours.
  • Controls Fall-outs? Not so effective for shimmery loose eye-shadows but does an ‘OK’ job with pressed eye-shadows.

In the below picture, you can notice that for light shades it doesn’t improve the vibrancy much.

Coastal Scents Primer  Eye Shadow Demo Swatches

  • Lasting Power? No creasing or fading for 6 hours. Post which only slight creasing is noticed but nothing too bad.

Cost Efficiency? Effects are not worth the price.

Final Note:  Works well for ladies with non-pigmented oily eye-lids but if you have pigmented eye-lids then it’s not of much use to cover the discoloration. 

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  1. tokka lo product ani na feeling.. :P

    1. lol Appu dear :)
      tokkalodho kani indian skin tones ki ra

  2. Even I didn;t hear that many good reviews of this one. I have the Inglot base which is like a frenimy to me :P
    Considering MAC's painterly or Soft ochre. But the price... sigh :(

    1. frenimy wow u coined a new word :P good one Nivedita :)
      ya even I so want to buy painterly
      even it's high I guess it's lasts long right?

  3. naadi kooda same feeling as appu..:)

  4. Aha im glad i didnt buy this afterall!

    1. Hello Lisha
      how r u :)
      glad the review helped :)


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