Dec 13, 2012

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Nail Enamel - Rave ~ Review & 'NOTD'

What Avon says about the NailWear Pro+ Nail Enamel:
Richer formula and increased colorant for a full coverage. Dura-Plus complex for increased strength by 80%
Avon NailWear Pro Plus

Price: 149 INR for 9ml. Bag it for 99 INR during offers. By the way it's currently in offer Yahoo_Mini

Shelf Life: 3 years

Look & Feel

  • Package: Typical Avon NailWear Pro package: Sqaure glass bottle with a black cap. The black cap always breaks off revealing a white plastic screw cap. It happened with every bottle of Avon NailWear Pro Nail Enamels I have Nay

Avon NailWear Pro Plus Package

  • Applicator: A regular round brush. Nothing too great about it.


  • Fragrance: Has an alcohol fragrance but it’s not overpowering and wears off in a few minutes.
  • Shade: Rave 19528. A rose gold color filled with shimmery sequins. It's a lovely color for weddings replacing the typical maroon and red shades Smile_Mini

Avon Nailwear Pro Plus Texture

  • Texture: Has the required consistency to give neat finish.


  • Drying Time? Each coat dries in a minute.
  • Coats required? Minimum 2 coats are needed for opaque finish.
Avon Nailwear Pro Plus in Rave
  • Finish? Lovely rose gold shimmery nails with a semi-matte finish. I wish it offered more glossy color Blum_Mini
  • Strengthening? No. My nails didn’t get any stronger or harder.
  • Chipping Time? 4 days
Avon Pro Plus Rave On Nails
  • Fading Time? 3 days

Cost Efficient? Yes, but only if you grab during the offers Blum_Mini

Avon Nailwear Pro Plus Rave NOTD

Final Note: A decent nail enamel and worth trying.

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Avon NailWear Pro Plus Nail Enamel - Rave " in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.

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  1. Very pretty shade....ya Avon nailpolishes cap r always broken...

  2. Oh my god! gorgeous shade...this is a cheap dupe of NYX shimmer nail polish..which m currently wearing :)

    1. haan na Rico :) :)
      n so glad to hear dat it's a dupe hehhehehe :P :)

  3. Great color Vish..:))
    Looks good on you!!


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