Dec 31, 2012

AuraVedic Pure Aloe Vera Gel ~ Review & Swatch

AuraVedic Pure Aloe Vera Gel With Green Tea & Pomegranate Claims:
Made from 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel, without all the chemicals! One of nature’s most effective skin conditioners, aloe soothes and hydrates dry, rough and sun burned skin on contact.
 Auravedic Pure Aloevera Gel Review

Price: 225 INR for 100gms

Shelf Life: 2 years
What did I Expect?  NOTHING…yes I didn’t expect any wonders from a pure Aloevera Gel, because ALOE really didn’t do much for my skin in the past. I have tried both: the packaged gels as well as the gel squeezed directly from the plant, but nothing worked. So, finally I just gave up on Aloe Vera Gel.
Auravedic Aloe Vera Gel
But strangely I have found one very very very worthy use of this Auravedic Pure Aloe Vera Gel…Want to know what it is? Read on…

Look & Feel

  • Package: Sturdy round plastic jar package. It also has a plastic shield to prevent the gel from spilling. Overall, it has a very classy neat look and I really like it. But again jar packages are unhygienic.  Wish it changes the packaging into a tube form.

Auravedic Aloevera Gel Package

  • Fragrance: It has a strong citrusy fragrance which might be overpowering for sensitive noses. I personally find it to be refreshing but again it kind of feels artificial compared to the pure smell of lime.


  • Texture: I really love the semi transparent watery gel texture of this product. It feels like a tender coconut pulp. I am sure I would dive into the gel during summers Blum_Mini

AuraVedic Aloevera Gel Effects

As per the usage instructions, one can use the Aloevera Gel for many purposes: A healing gel, a Hair Styling Gel and a Moisturizer. I have tried it in all the mention ways and let’s see how it worked Smile_Mini

Daily Moisturizer? I have normal to dry skin and a gel based moisturizer will definitely not work for me in winters. So, this aloe-vera gel also didn’t provide much moisturization as it absorbed into my skin instantly. But I found my skin to be smooth and firmed up. So, even if it didn’t work as a moisturizer it worked for me as a toner Yahoo_Mini

Swatch Blended

Hair Styling Gel? For my extremely dry hair this aloevera gel didn’t cause much difference. Also, it would be more suitable to provide light weight moisturization to hair than for styling. It doesn’t hold your style but might help a little to smoothen the hair. Would be great for oily scalps with slight frizzy hair.

Healing Gel? I didn’t try it on bruises or cuts as I currently I don’t have any.  But, I have used it as a cooling gel post hair removal on my hands and it feels nice for the cooling sensation it provides.

Now if you are wondering what’s that very worthy use I have found of the aloevera gel, it is as an Under Eye Gel.


Eye Gel: Being an insomniac, I tend to have sleepless nights every now and then which effects my eyes. Adding to that, I work with laptops which tires my eyes badly. Usually I use ice cubes to cool my burning eyes but due to winters I have been neglecting it and was looking for a cooling eye mask or eye gels. When I tried this aloevera gel under the eyes it provided a tingling cooling sensation which felt good. I have been using it almost 3 times a day like an eye mask. I apply it thickly and let it dry. Because it’s a gel it gives a stretchy feeling but once rinsed off with water my eye area felt firm and smooth. It didn’t do much to my dark circles in 2 weeks but it did make my eye area a little smoother. I love it and can’t stop using it an an eye gel.

Irritations? I didn’t get any rashes or allergies but it does sting my skin like how lime juice stings when applied on dry areas. When checked the ingredients I did notice the presence of Lemon Oil which I feel might be the reason for the toning properties of this gel. But not to worry as the burning sensation reduces in few minutes.


Herbal Purity? All the ingredients listed are natural except for the presence of alcohol. So I’d suggest to go for a patch test of you have any doubts about how it would react on skin. 

Cost Efficiency: Totally worth every penny spent.

Review Auravedic Aloevera Gel

Final Note:  I feel it would do wonders for oily skin as a moisturizer cum toner. Ladies with normal or dry skin type, do try it as it’s a product that can be used in multiple ways and I am sure you will find some very good uses of it. For me I absolutely love it as a toner and as an eye gel. So grab it and discover it’s many uses.
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  1. I love using it post my Biotique Chlorophyll gel..and also as a the cooling feeling :)

    1. yes even I love using it after waxing :) <3 hehhehe
      haven't tried Chlorophyll gel might try it after this :)

  2. Loved reading the review vish..its so well written..and i think it will do me wonders coz my skin is oily..wud definitely try it!!

    1. Thank you so much Jasmine :) :)
      yes I m sure it wud work dear do try it :) <3

  3. Loved the review . I use aloe gel after waxing .... and sometimes I use pure aloe gel as a night cream and wash it in the morning it gives my skin a beautiful glow

    1. Hello bubli :)
      nice that aloe wrks well fr u as night cream :)
      for me it didnt wrk much as night cream :( I need heavy greasy moisturizers fr my dry skin :)
      thanks for the comment dear :) <3

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Prayati how r u dear?
      Happy New Yr
      yes try it it's a v good product


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