Nov 28, 2012

Nature’s Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist ~ Review & Swatch

Nature’s Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist Claims: Keeps skin and face moisturized, fresh and balances pH levels. The soothing, gentle cleansing properties of Rose have a softening and refining effect on skin. Use it anytime of the day whenever you need a quick touch of beauty:

NaturesCo Rose Hydrating Facial Mist Review

  • As a toner – spray it on clean face to tighten pores and refresh your skin.
  • To moisten a mask: Can be used instead of water to moisten a face mask.
  • To soothe tired and puffy eyes – Spray on a good amount of rose water on cotton balls or pads then place it on the eyes.

Price: 375 INR for 100 ml

Life Span: 1.5 years

Look & Feel

  • Package: Comes in a rectangular plastic bottle with a spray pump and two caps: one for the spray pump and one for the bottle. The spray pump doesn’t spritz the rose mist evenly and takes multiple spritizes to cover full face and neck. Also, the caps keep sliding off the plastic bottle. In a nutshell not a travel friendly package.

NaturesCo Rose Hydrating Facial Mist Package

  • Fragrance: Fresh rose fragrance.
  • Taste: Bitter. So, don’t forget to purse your lips in before spritzing.
  • Texture: Clear liquid just like water which is slightly sticky to touch. Once spritzed you can notice mild foam as well.


The Effects

  • Toning? Yes it does tighten pores very well.
  • Refreshing? Spritizing the rose mist gives a fresh feeling due to the fragrance, but as claimed, it cannot be used any time of the day as it makes the skin sticky and oily.
  • Irritation? First time when I used the mist, I kept the bottle very close to the skin as the pump wasn’t spritzing well and it stung badly causing redness. In an hour or two my skin was back to normal but I dreaded to use it again for a few days. Next time when I tried, I kept the pump almost 15 cms away and it didn’t sting at all. It did enter into my eyes couple of times and it didn’t sting even then. So, the most important thing to remember is, keep the bottle far while spritzing this mist.

NaturesCo Rose Hydrating Facial Mist

Cost Efficiency? Not worthy for the price.

Final Note: It’s a really good toner for dry skin but only in winters because the stickiness imparted by the rose mist acts as a moisturizer. In rest of the seasons though it tightens the pores the stickiness causes oiliness. So, not suggestible in other seasons. Also, never ever keep the bottle too close while spritzing.


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  1. Nice one Vishi. Even though I would love to get one, the price is a bit too steep for me :(

    1. Hello Nivedita :)
      The price is high and it's not worthy too dear :)
      So no regrets :)

  2. Good review but definitely not worth the price as you mentioned.

    1. Hello Lancy :) how r u?
      glad we share the same opinion dear

  3. nice review vish..i feel that fabindia mists r cheaper n do a great job

    1. thanks Preetha :)
      yes I am planning to buy a spray from them soon :)

  4. Nice review Vishy, doesn't seem to be worth the price :-)

    1. Thanks Nehu dear :) <3
      yes not at al worth the price as Preetha mentioned fab india has good reviews everywhere

  5. Great Review ! It definitely in my 'what not to buy list' :P

    1. Hey dear :) :) thanks and glad the review could help :)

  6. Nice review Vish, I am using Jovees cucumber toner and it tastes bitter too.. but works good:)

    1. hello Neisha :)
      oh is it hmmm noted jovees will try :)


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