Nov 25, 2012

Funday Looks ~ Pink & Peach Eye Make Up ~ Pictorial & FOTD

Hello to all the lovely ladies,

Pink and Peach Eye Makeup

Looking for subtle eye-makeup to go with bright, heavy traditional outfits? Here’s a very easy and quick eye makeup apt for such outfits to add a little bit of zing without being loud. Also, you need minimal products to achieve this look.

Products Needed


Eye Shadows:

Pink Peach Eye Shadows

You need peach and pink shimmery eye-shadows.


Make Up Tools Needed



Pink and Peach Eye Makeup Pictorial

  1. Apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as base
  2. Blend the the white color as shown.
  3. Apply the peach color on the entire eye lid.
  4. Apply the pink eye-shadow  in the crease and at the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Taking a blending brush, start blending the 2 colors now. While blending extend the color from the crease to the inner corner as well.
  6. Apply the pink shade to the lower lash-line.
  7. Apply a colored eye-liner. You can choose any color depending on your outfit. If you don’t want colors then simply use a black or brown eye liner.
  8. Finish the look by tight-lining,  applying kajal and mascara.
  9. Done…

Face of the Day

Pink Peach Eye Makeup FOTD

Hope you liked the look. Always welcome to queries, suggestions and feedback..



  1. that's so pretty on you Vish... and so simple too... and btw, your hair looks gorg!

    1. thanks a lot Ritu dear :) :)
      My hair result of sock bun curling for an hour :P :P :) :)

  2. lovely eye makeup as always vishi!!

  3. Nice tutorial Vish:) very subtle and wearable.

  4. Gorgeous look Vishy, will try it out :-)

  5. wow...looks so pretty Vish..whats the jumbo eye pencil for? ill chk the link :)
    drop by :)

    1. Hello Abhi
      The jumbo eye pencil is used as a base to make the colors pop out on my eye-lids :)
      thanks for the invite to your blog


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