Nov 30, 2012

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer 57 ~ Review & NOTD

Hello Lovely Friends….

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer

This week on my nails is this blue black glittery nail lacquer from Bonjour Paris. I totally love this shade for the amazing zing it adds to the nails. Here’s a crisp review of  this nail enamel.

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer NOTD

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer 57

  • Package: Convenient to use and pretty looking.

  • Applicator: A round brush which is okay-dokay.

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer Package

Bonjour Paris Nail Lacquer Nails

  • Coats Needed: It’s a very sheer color so you need minimum 3 coats to get full opacity.

  • Drying Time: 5-10 minutes for each coat to dry.

  • Lasting Time: With 3 coats + Top Coat, it lasts for a week.

What do you say? Isn’t it a pretty manicure for a night outSprucing?



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  1. very pretty vish..i lov blues..u hav nice nails

    1. hello preetha I love it too same pinch dear

    2. hello preetha I love it too same pinch dear

  2. OMGEEEEEEEEEEEE! Absolutelyyy eye catchy ..n so attractive nails... i loved this one on u more dan me...Vish! wowwww i wana pick few of dis more now for myself! ur nails have given it a woww effect <3

    1. Hey Rico :)
      thanks dear :) :)
      yes do pick them up I loved this blue soooooo much :)
      I wanna grab so many blues now :P

  3. Love the color.. Rocking shade will buy soon...

    1. Hello Preeti :)
      yes yes do buy it and share some pics :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Nehu :)
      how r u?
      thanks but I m sure it wud have looked much lovely on ur nails

  5. Hi r u?
    The shade is so pretty.It suits u very well.I love glitter nail paints but its a pain to remove it :)

    1. Hi Amee :)
      I am good
      how have you been dear?
      Thanks dear and totally agree. They are such a pain to remove :(. But this was much easier compared to other glitter nps

  6. Gorgeous Shade ! <3


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