Nov 9, 2012

Birthstone Theme ~ Amethyst Eye Makeup ~ FOTD

Hello all, I am back from a long break Smile_Mini

Hope you are all doing fine!!!

Birthstone Looks – Amethyst Eye Makeup Enjoyed my brother’s wedding Yahoo_Mini, but realized how tiring organizing a wedding at home can be girl_sighNevertheless it indeed is a memorable moment Clapping_Mini Smile_Mini Yahoo_Mini

I will be posting the pictures of my makeup and looks in couple of days Smile_Mini

Coming to today’s post, I am just too crazy about the color Purple but recently while reviewing the Maybelline ColorSensational Jewels Lipstick - Amethyst Ablaze, I realized that my birthstone is Amethyst too. It’s then that I wondered if the reason for my Purple Love is the birthstone Amethyst Blum_Mini 

Amethyst Eye MakeUp That’s how the idea for BIRTHSTONE MAKEUP has originated Smile_Mini  It’s a theme post and I invite all of you makeup lovers to participate in it.

Amethyst - Purple - Eye Makeup

The theme is simple, you can decorate your eyes, nails, lips… just any makeup look based on your choice but the base color should be the color of your BIRTHSTONE. Hope to see you all your birthstone makeup looks soon.

Purple EOTD

I have done this Purple Smokey Eyes representing my birthstone “Amethyst”. I have used the eye-shadows from the Faces Canada Stackable Sparkle Dust in Stack Rainbow. Really enjoyed working with these loose pigments Smile_Mini

Purple Eye MakeUp

Oh, when you do the post don’t forget to answer the question “Is your favorite color the same color of your Birthstone? "

Face of the Day


Looking forward to see your Birthstone Makeup Look soon. Share your blog post links in the comments section below Smile_Mini



  1. re-entry adaragottav ga vish..super

  2. Hey Vish..:)
    good to see you back here.:)
    Its beautiful and of course creative!!

    1. Hi Niesha :)
      How are you?
      Thanks dear :) :) <3

  3. Vishi!! You look like a cute doll!!! I do love the eyemakeup, but the lipstick and the whole look put together is simply cute!

  4. this is soooo creative..fab job!

  5. beautiful vish...i loved it :):)
    purple rocks n u too !!!

  6. Aww Vishuu..
    You look soo cute..
    nice and expressive eye you have.. :)
    and obvsly the look is awesome.!!
    loved it di :):)
    ❤I Diva❤

  7. Beautiful as always Vishy, how have you been :)

  8. lovely!!
    and you look beautiful <3

  9. This is so b'ful!!!!awesumnes!!! totally loved it <3


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