Oct 5, 2012

Makeup Challenge - 20$/ 1000 INR ~ Pictorial & FOTD

One of my good friends Preethi from Pink N Purple blog initiated the 1000Rs/ £10/$20 Makeup Challenge. You can check the rules of the challenge here.

It's really fun and the main motive of this challenge is to prove that with minimum budget itself one can get quality cosmetics. Apart from this, we can get ideas from all the participants on using a single product in multiple ways. I feel these kind of challenges are helpful to beginners or ladies who wear makeup occasionally and so, don't want to hoard many products.
My Look - 1000 Rs Makeup Challenge 
Coming to my look, I didn't have many low-priced cosmetics in my vanity case currently. I didn't want to do any separate haul only for this challenge. So, I took that little time to check my face and understand my best features and worst features.

My Perfect Imperfections

Perfections: Eyes and blemish free skin tone.

Imperfections: Dark Circles and Pigmented Eye lids.

So I chose to go for smokey yet wearable eye makeup utilizing my brown pigmented eye lids and flawless face covering the dark circles. For this look,

What I have in my vanity case?

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Lakme Rose Powder - Warm Pink (02)

Avon 2 in 1 Kajal & Smudger

  • Vaseline- 26 INR



Total: 855 INR

Make-up Look Pictorial

Face: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse and Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink

Face Make Up

Eyes: Avon 2 in 1 Kajal Smudger and Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink

Eye Make-up

  1. Apply Kajal on water line and also tight-line
  2. Apply Kajal on the eye lid as shown
  3. Smudge the applied Kajal on the entire eye lid. Bring the smudged Kajal slightly onto the lower lash-line also.
  4. Add compact and blend into the Kajal
  5. Add compact/ pressed powder as shown. This acts as a highlighter to provide contrast to the smokey look.
  6. Apply Kajal as eye liner on the upper lash line.

Finally applied Vaseline on lips till they got a sheen.


Final Note: Trust me ladies, these are not just the only products one can buy within in 1000 Rs. You can indeed build a good makeup kit including Kajal, Mascara, Blusher, Foundation, Lipstick and Powder. I didn’t want to do a haul separately so had to utilize what I currently have. Hence came up with this simple look.

Now, I am going to visit what the other participants of the 1000 INR / £10/$20 Make Up Challenge have created. Come let’s say hi to them by clicking on the links below Smile_Mini



  1. Vish! ur sucha beauty.. i love ur morning kisses glowing fresh face.. make up ki koi zarurat hi nai..but i loved ur eye make up..

    ur perfectly perfect :* <3


    1. Awww Rico dear :) :) :)
      <3 :*
      thanks a ton dear
      I am so blushing luking at ur comments :)
      thanks again

  2. well done..vish..its simple and pretty...and very well explained..thanks for doing this and providing links of others..u r a sweet heart

    1. Hey Preethi :)
      thanks a lot dear for initiating the challenge
      and loved ur luk :)
      thanks for ur words :) :)


  3. Great look Vish! Simple, yet beautiful

  4. superb vish...i loved it...
    v pretty though...

  5. hey Vish, very nice ..
    I am yet to post it.:)

    1. Hey Niesha :)
      thanks dear
      saw ur pretty luk dear

  6. Very nice Vish!
    You have beautiful eyes!

  7. Looking pretty as always Vishyy :)

  8. Lovely makeup..its like makeup with no makeup..

  9. lovely makeup!! absolutely perfect

    1. thanks a lot Jasmine :)
      glad to see u bak dear <3 :-*

    2. Good luck for the contest vish!!

    3. Hey Jasmine dear :)
      thanks for the wishes
      bt it's no contest just a group theme with al the other bloggers mentioned :)
      thats all

  10. O wow ! a gr8 post. you look lovely doll ! :D
    xoxo <3


  11. hi vish loved this post of urs...I too took same challenge ....u can chk here


    will love to have few words from u ;)


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