Oct 3, 2012

Elle18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco ~ Review

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – XVII

By Chandana Tantri

What Elle 18 Claims about Lip Smoothie: Deliciously beautiful lips in yummy fruit flavors. Smooth, glossy and super ki*sable.

Shelf life: 24 months

Shade: Burnt Choco

Price and Quantity: 85 INR for 9 ml

My Experience with Elle18 Lip Smoothie Burnt Choco

Elle18 Lip Smoothie is a budget wonder product. Easily available and suitable to all ladies and teenagers.

Elle18 Lip Smoothie comes in a plastic tube, with a slanted applicator, closed by a black colored screw cap. The name is printed on a sticker that is stuck to the tube. If the sticker wears off, then there is no way you can know the name of the shade. However, the tube is transparent and hence the color of the gloss is easily identifiable through the tube.

Burnt Choco seems to have a chocolate color, but once on lips it is rather colorless. Most of the times, I noticed that only a shiny glossy liquid comes out of the tube when pressed. There is no indication of any color at all.

This particular smoothie also  gives a minty feeling to the lips. It is as though I just swallowed a ‘Vicks ki goli’  Blum_Mini  One can get the minty freshness till the throat. I am not sure if other colored lip smoothies from Elle18  have the same minty flavor in them.

The consistency is thin and makes a perfect gloss. It can be used on all sorts of lipsticks. There is no stickiness and lips do not feel heavy on using this lip gloss.

Staying power of this lip gloss is average. You cannot expect a lip gloss to stay long until you don’t mind the stickiness as most of the long staying glosses are sticky. I personally prefer a short staying non sticky lip gloss.

For the price it’s available at, Elle18 lip smoothie is a perfect product . For just Rs.85/- it offers a very good quality.

Pros of Elle18 Lip Smoothie:

  • Easy handling tube package.
  • Slant tip applicator.
  • Very affordably priced.
  • Good quality gloss.
  • Perfect consistency and texture of the gloss.
  • Suits well on all lipsticks.

Cons of Elle18 Lip Smoothie:

  • Staying power of the gloss is a little on the lower side.


Final Note: Burnt Choco is a clear lip gloss. For those who prefer colored lip glosses, Burnt Choco will not serve the purpose.

Rating: 3.75/5

Recommendation: Yes. A good budget purchase. yes

Author's Column

Author: Chandana Tantri.

Blog: NA

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Oh, by the way that’s a very nice review Chandana. I can’t believe you are not a beauty blogger. Such detailed review and clear pictures you have submitted.  Kudos for your reviewThums Up


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