Oct 2, 2012

Colobar Creme Touch Lipstick – Cafe Latte ~ Review, Swatch & ‘FOTD’

What Colorbar says about the Creme Touch Lipsticks?
Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick comes with the promise of lips that are eloquent and luscious. It comes with lovely rich colours and rich in moisturizing properties making lips look fuller and creamier all day long. It has sheabutter, Vitamin E and sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level which nourish and protect your lips against UV rays. It glides on effortlessly for flawless, even coverage for that perfect pout. Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick are the perfect way to pamper your lips, not only you will love the rich, lustrous colour, but the lovely creamy texture of the lip colour as well.
Price: 450 INR for 4.5g

Life Span: 3 years

Look & Feel

  • Package: Love this stylish metallic light weight package with purple at the center. However, I wish the package to be colored with the same color as that of the lipstick. Helps in easy identification from the stack

  • Fragrance: The fragrance is a combination of creamy vanilla and of the typical smell of cosmetics.
  • Shade: Cafe Latte 009. A brown with more pink undertones. A perfect shade for work to brighten the face and adding a natural color to lips.
  • Texture: It’s creamy like butter. As claimed it glides effortlessly.


  • Coverage? Covers pigmentation well with 1-2 swipes. The color is buildable as well. One might need a lip liner to enhance the look.

  • Finish? Soft, buttery lips with fullness. It does plump your lips a little. So a good buy for ladies with thin lips.
  • Moisturizing? Yes very much. Happily skip a lip balm and use it alone.
  • Lasting Power?
    • Color: 4-5 hours. It cannot survive meals.
    • Moisturization: 2 hours only. Yes the creaminess all evaporates soon on my dry lips. Might last longer on normal lips.
  • Transfer Resistant? Nope.

Cost Efficient? Slightly Pricey.

Final Note: A good range of lipsticks to try for normal lips, but my super dry lips demand more. So I am personally not too impressed.

 Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Colobar Creme Touch Lipstick – Cafe Latte " in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Replies
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    2. Hey Sophia :)
      yes and I am sure it looks amazing on you :)

  2. Really nice shade.....looks very nice on u... :)
    ive also got very dry lips...so i dont thnk this will work for me either...

    1. Hi Neha :)
      how r u?
      same pinch fr dry lips
      do try the maybelline jewels lipsticks
      dey r moisturizing for a long tym

  3. i love ur pic vish..u r lookin pretty pretty..n yes nice shade too but sorry nt my type of colour..light colour doesnt suit me..:)

    1. Hey Tej, give it a try it's not light dear...
      it's dark nf to bring out the color but still luks subtle :)

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