Sep 22, 2012

Weekend Musings ~ Sunscreen Directory ~ Choose your Sunscreen

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If you reading this post, it means you already know that sunscreen is a vanity necessity in today's world. But the innumerable sunscreen's available in the market and the different factors like SPF's, PA++ etc make it hard to choose a sunscreen depending on our needs.

Sunscreen Directory
So, Sagaciously Beautiful presents the Sunscreen Directory briefing about the types of sunscreens and the ingredients required for protection against sun.

The Harmful Rays

Understanding the types of harmful UV rays helps us to choose sunscreen in a better way. So,  here is a little briefing.

  • UVA: These rays are responsible for Aging and are always present in the atmosphere irrespective of the season and the weather. They are capable of penetrating through clothes and glasses as well.

  • UVB: These rays are responsible for Burning. Unlike, UVA the strength of UVB rays is dependent on the season, weather and time. These rays are more prominent during summers and also during mid afternoons. 

PA and SPF

Measuring Sun Protection

Sun Protection Factor (SPF): SPF is a factor to measure the amount of time one can spend in the sun before getting a sun burn. For example, if you get a sun burn within 10 minutes of sun exposure then using a sunscreen with SPF 15 increases this time to 150 minutes i.e. 15 x 10. So, sunscreen with only SPF provides protection against UVB rays but not UVA rays.
PA Factor:  This factor measures the protection against UVA rays. It’s a Japanese system to measure the sun protection offered by a product. This factor is usually mentioned at 3 levels: PA+, PA++ and PA+++, with PA+++ offering the highest level of protection.

Types of Sunscreen

Physical Sunscreen: These sunscreens form as a film on the skin surface without getting absorbed into the skin. This film either reflects the rays or absorb the rays into the sunscreen itself but prevents the UV rays touching the skin.The active ingredients are Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide.

Physical Sunscreen Ingredients

Chemical Sunscreen: Unlike physical sunscreens, chemical sunscreens get absorbed into the skin and deactivate the sunlight that touches the skin. Active ingredients are Benzones, Aminobenzoic acid and Cinnamates.

Chemical Sunscreen Ingredients


Sunscreen Guide

  • Choose a Broad-Spectrum sunscreen i.e. a  sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

  • A sunscreen with a minimum of SPF15 and with PA+++ should be used daily .
  • Sunscreen should always be re-applied for every 3-4 hours.


  • Hate the whitish cast of sunscreens? Avoid physical sunscreens and choose a chemical sunscreen i.e. choose sunscreens with active ingredients as Benzones, Aminobenzoic acid and Cinnamates.
  • If you have oily skin or acne troubles, then choose powdered sunscreens like mineral makeup. Gel sunscreens also offer good sun protection without any greasiness.

Powder Sunscreens

Let’s all choose a sunscreen wisely without falling for false claims and protect our skin. It’s not just about beauty but also about being healthy yes

Stay Healthy and Stay Happy…



  1. Lovely post Vish and its so informative..Thank s for sharing it..And i actually hate the ones which leave a white i know what to avoid..thanks alot!!!

  2. Hi Walia :)
    thanks a lot dear. I am glad the purpose of the post is reached...
    yes even I hate the white cast dear..same pinch
    :) :) :)

  3. what an awesome post!! it shows your hard work worth hours...Loved every bit of it...i have noted down the ingredients that i do not want in my sunscreen..would keep an eye next time while purchasing <3

  4. Helloo Jasmine
    Yes dear I was researching on this for about a week almost before publishing it Very glad to know that it's worth the effort
    Yayyyyyyyy :) :)
    Thanks a lot Jasmine :)

  5. Very informative article Vishyy, you've really researched the topic well :) <3

  6. Nehuuuuu
    Hw r u dear :)
    Thanks a lot :) :) :)

  7. This article absolutely shows off your effort and time that u have devoted on it..Commendable <3

  8. Thnx dear <3 <3 :)

  9. Awesome post!! powdered or gel is the one for me!! never knew about it before.. :)

  10. Thanks Manu :)
    There r gels in lotus n neutrogena too
    Try them dear

  11. Very nice article Vish :)
    Great is so informative I wasn't knowing about such before buying sunscreen I will check the is difficult for me to remember the name of chemicals(hehehe) so I will note it down :)
    Thanx alot for sharing it dear :)

  12. Thanks a lot Amee :) :)
    I am so happy to see such lovely comment dear
    Lol ya afta doing so much research I m able to remembr d names lol Take care dear

  13. Hi Preethi :) :)
    Thanks a lot dear

  14. Very useful article.. I use suncote sunscreen and its review is here
    This was prescribed by my dermatologist


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