Sep 25, 2012

VLCC Lip Shield (Strawberry) ~ Review & Swatch

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – XII

By Meghana Rajesh

Hello Everyone!!!


My lips remain dry and chapped throughout the year. Monsoon, Summer or Winter makes no difference to my lips. Always and always dry they are. So there is no chance of me being without a lip balm. From past 3 years I have been using Lotus lip balm regularly. I never thought about changing the balm, until I came across VLCC Lip Shield. My sister gifted this Lip Shield to me. Looking at this gifted product, I was eager to open and use it, like how a small child feels about a new toy. Very soon, I started using it on my lips.

What VLCC LIP SHIELD says about it? :

This unique Lip Shield enriched with Strawberry, Vitamin E and Shea Butter, helps heal chapped lips, conditions and keeps them smooth, while protecting them from harmful effects of the sun (SPF-10).

Ricinus Communis Oil, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Shea Butter, Di-Methicon, Vitamin E.


Shelf life : 4 years

Price and Volume: 80 INR for 10ml.

My Experience

I started using it very recently, just a month ago. It looks cute and pinkish in color in the tub. But how sad, it does not give any color to lips. It has a non sticky texture and is watery. It is very light, does not give heavy waxy feeling to lips. It moisturizes lips very well making it baby soft and gives a cool feeling once applied. But, it evaporates soon leaving the lips to dry gradually. It needs to be applied every 2 hours which is quite irritating to me. It also has SPF 10 for sun protection. It smells very pleasant. I found nothing much special in this lip balm and also it’s not much effective for dry lips. Once I empty this product, I will switch back to my Lotus lip balm.



  • Moisturizes lips and its watery nature does not give any heavy feeling to lips. Feels like you have not applied anything to lips.
  • Sweet smelling lip balm.
  • Gives a light shiny tinge to lips for awhile and makes them look attractive.
  • Has SPF 10 for protection from sun rays.
  • Very easy to carry while travelling.


  • Needs to be applied every now and then.
  • Dries off soon leaving lips to its normal state.
  • It comes in a tub. Very unhygienic  and the product enters my nails when I dip my fingers Sad

Rating: 3/5.

Will I buy it again? : Thumbs DownNope. I will not buy this product. Lotus Lip balm is the best lip balm that suits my lips. 

Author's Column

Author: Meghana Rajesh.

Blog: NA

Introduction:  Meghana Rajesh doesn’t own a blog yet. I am pleasantly surprised how neatly she has reviewed  the product in her 1st post itself and appreciate her honest opinion. Great Job and thanks for your contribution Meghana Smiling


  1. Nice Review Meghana :)
    thanks for participating dear

  2. hi everyone i want to mention it here tht for i researched abt ingredients of VLCC lip balms & they are mainly regarded as carcinogenic potent enough to cause cancer by topical application & then also I cannot understand y the hell these ppl loading such chemicals in lip products!!! selling such hazardous monsters at the price v pay for a safe lip balm like Lotus.. i completely hate VLCC... thumbs dwn for them!!! :((( grrrr!!!

  3. Hi Keirti :)
    Thanks a lotttttttttt for taking time and causing awareness among everyone Thumbs up dear
    Will add this point in the post

  4. very nice review..i recently bought it..and i needs to be reapplied every half an hour =(

  5. Jennifer (Indian Beauty Cafe)September 26, 2012 at 4:47 PM

    there is another daily protect lip balm by vlcc... thats very nice.... u can give that a try....

  6. Ooh is it so
    Thanks fr d info Jenny
    How r u dear?

  7. ur welcome vish... I'm always happy to help :) n this is really a great thing to worry!!!

  8. Agreed this is a valuable info :)


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