Sep 28, 2012

Oriflame Studio artist Pressed Powder ~ Review & Swatch

VOV GiveAway Entry Post – XV

By Samannita Modak

Hello Friends!!!

Oriflame Studio Artist Pressed Powder
Oriflame newly launched their Studio Artist range of make up a while ago….and as an introductory offer they were available in discounts …I decided to the grab the compact from the Studio Artist range

This is the compact.
Oriflame Studio Artist Pressed Powder Pack

As you can see, it comes in nice black sturdy case with mirror on one side along with a puff.…!

Shade: Light and Product code: 23056 . I felt it to be a perfect match to my skin tone.
Here is the swatch of the compact. It kind of got blurred but I hope you are able get the shade.


My Experience with this Compact

Although a number of good things I noticed about this product initially, they are all in generic to compacts. But my personal experience is not so good with this compact. After a very good experience with the Oriflame Very Me Compact, I expected a lot from this Studio Artist Compact. But it failed to reach my expectations a little … as all the shades of the compact will suit the foreign skin tones better. For Indian skin tones they might leave a whitish layer on the face, just like a mask…!
Firstly, I noticed that this shade is making my skin-tone truly lighter but in an artificial way. I mean it will be clear to anyone that I have applied something on my face as it didn't blend well with my skin tone.

Secondly, it's staying power is for 4-5 hours only, provided you are in an all AC environment. It covers all the patches or spots, but if you start sweating then it will melt, making each and every spot on your face noticeable. Now this is truly bad…being so expensive it should come up with good quality right .

Thirdly, I noticed that it is little heavy in texture than the Lakme or Very Me Compact. Blending it onto the skin is a big problem.
Package Rear V 


  • Shade is nice as it does make your complexion one shade lighter
  • Sweat proof
  • Nice matte finish
  • Easy to carry in bag.
  • Staying power is 4-5 hours…if  you won't sweat much


  • Too expensive.
  • Melts easily when we sweat.
  • The shades available are much suitable for foreign skin tones.
Ok ! now you can see it created a mixed feeling inside me…I think its really tough for me to rate….
Rating: 3/5 for me. But it might click for you like how it clicked for my cousin.

So my suggestion is if you want to try it, then grab it in discount period wink
Author's Column

Author: Samannita Modak.


Introduction:  This is Samannita’s second review and she has already reviewed the Very Me No Time to Shine compact here.



  1. Thank you vish for publishing this post ! waiting for the comments to shoot :)

  2. They wil shoot dear :)

  3. very nice review Toa..i will try it..:)


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