Sep 21, 2012

Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose ~ Review, Swatch & LOTD

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – XI

By Apoorva 

Hi Lipstick Lovers,

Oriflame Pure Colors Lipstick - Vintage Rose ~ Review

I am back with one more review post. This time it’s on one of my very favorite lipsticks: Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Vintage Rose.

Price: I bought it for 99INR from

Quantity: 2.5gms.These are available in two sizes: 4gms & 2.5gms. As I’m new to these, I chose the smaller one.

What the company site claims: Really smooth and creamy, conditioning lipstick that moisturizes. The huge range of beautiful, bold shades means you will get a color for every occasion. Try them all!

Look: The product comes in a black plastic case with a transparent cover.


Color: I took it just because of the color. I love the lighter(read as N*des) shades in lipsticks. And this color is really light pinkish color. It’s almost the n*de with a touch of baby pink.


My Take: I looooved this particular lipstick!!! I bought it online so, I was not sure about the shade. I was afraid about the color (What if it turns out to be a baby pink one or any Nicky Minaj shades Silly  ) But, it turned out to be so good. It has a typical cosmetic fragrance which I can relate to the smell of a concealer/foundation . The smell doesn’t last long but the lipstick lasts really long. Easily for 4-5hours Thums Up On Lips - FOTD

It simply covers all my pigmentation, fine lines leaving my lips smooth to look and feel. My lips shine with not so made up look. The natural tint it gives, might suit everyone. It suited my dusky complexion and I kind of wear it every day. yes

Now, I guess this is more than what any other lipstick gives for 99rs. Kudos to Oriflame. I guess this is one brand which is always ready to produce the smaller versions of the original products.

As soon as I finish this, I will buy the 4gms lipstick. After all, the Bigger the Better Grinning

The +ve’s

  • Absolute gorgeous color(And there are 15 others to chose from.)
  • Dead cheap.
  • Handy
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Moisturize and give the full look instantly
  • Stays long
  • Awesome product for daily use.

The –ve’s

  • No SPF
  • Cheap package(can’t expect more when I’m paying only 99bucks)

Recommend: I would love to suggest my friends to buy this. A very affordable cute lipstick it is Great Job

Author's Column

Author: Apoorva.


Introduction: Another lovely review by Appu , the bubbly bloggerSmiling The review is so honest and  also fun to read. Check out her other review on Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm.


  1. Hey Appu, nice review dear :)
    a perfect nude pink :) :) :)

  2. I loved this wind blown FOTD :)

  3. hehe.. I took the pic in my balcony :D :D thank you so much :)

  4. Thanks again vish :* yeah.. I have one more nude color. Should review it soon :D

  5. My face turned out to be a bit bright with this color :) hope you guys liked the shade. And thanks Vish for the opportunity :)

  6. no need to thank dear :)
    s it's perfect wear fr wrk :)

  7. hey Appu, i have the one in desert rose.
    looks good on you !!

  8. I lurrrve this range of Oriflame! Amazing for the price. I have Vintage Nude and it's my go-to shade. Vinatge rose is in my wishlist and am tempted even more after ur review ;-). Nice one Apoorva :-)

  9. Beautiful shade..looks good on u dear..:)

  10. Thanks Niesha.. I am yet to try the shades :)

  11. Hey Nafisa.. I hvae the vintage Nude :):) I looove it too :):) do try this.. its amazing :)


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