Sep 14, 2012

Naturence Herbals Papaya Gel with Plum ~ Review & Swatch

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – VII

By Jasmine Bhatia

I picked up this product a while ago from a local store. It was lying on the shelf and I asked about it, the shop keeper told me that it makes the skin fresh and hydrates it too!!

Naturence Herbals Papaya Gel With Plum - Massage Gel

What it claims

The tag on the product said, it makes the skin fairer, soothes and hydrates the skin. Also gives freshness to dull skin.

Key ingredients

Papaya extracts, Plum extracts and blend of natural active ingredients.

How to use

Wet your face and massage a small amount of gel on your face and neck, avoid the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with fresh water.

Rs. 55 for 100gms

My Take on the Gel

Well I have a combination skin which is more on the oily side in this weather. I have been using this gel weekly for a few months now. It comes packed in a see through plastic tub with a pretty green lid on top.

There was a tiny tag attached with it when I purchased it, it mentioned about the ingredients and the usage instructions.

Naturence Herbals Papaya Gel With Plum - Review

It has a mild papaya fragrance; one cannot smell the plum at all. The moment you open the tub it seems as if someone has filled it with fresh papaya puree...yes it looks that real and even the texture is somewhat like a fresh fruit puree though it’s not runny.

What I absolutely love about it is when I apply it on my face; it makes my skin so clear and radiant. Even  massaging it for just 2 minutes gives the skin a glow. It definitely improves the skin condition. I ideally use it on the weekends or just before when I have an event to attend as it really makes my skin smooth and clear.


  1. Makes the skin radiant and fresh.
  2. Suits all skin types.
  3. Soothing papaya fragrance.


  1. Decreases the oiliness of the skin.
  2. Made of herbal ingredients.
  3. Affordable.


  1. I don’t find tub packaging hygienic.
  2. The pack doesn’t have a full ingredient list.
  3. The effect only lasts for a day or two.

Will I repurchase it

I think YES, and I already have recommended a few people.

4 out of 5.

Author's Column

Author: Jasmine Bhatia.


Introduction: This is a second entry from Jasmine Bhatia and again a well reviewed post. I so want to buy this now. You can read her previous entry on Lotus Herbals Lip Balm here.


  1. It feels so nice to see my own review..i am not as bad as i thought i was in reviewing products

  2. where can i get this i stay in mumbai.......:)

  3. Na Jasmine u r so good in reviewing dear :)
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  4. Hey Jasmine even I want to know this?
    Wher is it avail?
    Any ol site ???
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  5. Well as i said in the review , i saw it in a local cosmetic shop around a few months ago..not sure if its available online..but if you guys want i can ask the shop owner.

  6. Sure Jasmine :) please ask and share dear

  7. Really nice review...
    I have very oily skin...Will surely try this out... :)


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