Sep 4, 2012

Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm in Plum Sparkle ~ Review & Swatch

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – III

By Apoorva

Heyya Girls..

Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm - Plum Sparkle

In this post I want to review about one of the newly launched lip-balm series by EVA i.e.

EVA Lush Lips Nourishing Lip Balm.

I have it in Plum Sparkle and so is the review about. This review is dedicated to all the lip balm obsessed girls out there Batting Lashes 

What it claims :

Bejewelled and pink-tinted care for your lovely lips. With SPF 15 for sun protection, Almond oil to moisturize and vitamin E to enrich, it leaves your lips inviting and sparkling.

Key Ingredients:
Octyl methoxycinnamate, Benzophenone 3, Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Tocopheryl Acetate(Vitamin E) Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm - Sealed Pack
Direction: Lush up! Slide open and apply this berry-red balm generously for luscious shine. Apply as often as required.

Other Variants available: Classic vanilla, Strawberry bite,Tangy orange, Blackcurrant burst.

Price : 75 INR.

Quantity: 8g

Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm - Slider Packing

Packaging: Its a slide on tub. For me, it resembles a slider phone TongueOut . It has a click type thing which makes easy to slide open the cap. Easy to carry. Throw anywhere without the fear of the balm spilling out of the container Cool

My Experience

Well, when I was exploring the New U store buying some eye pencils, the lady there showed me this lip balm saying it’s a new product and claimed to be good and all. So I just bought it because I liked the cute packaging, without expecting much.

Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm - Plum Sparkle Swatch

The lip balm has pinkish tint and is shimmery with LOTS of glitter in it. When you apply, you don’t feel as if you are applying any shimmery particles (they are so into the lip-balm) but they manage to fill your lips and finally make them stand out. Even after so many hours, you have sparkles on your lips without giving that made up look on lips like lip glosses.

Eva Lush Lips Glitter Lip Balm - Plum Sparkle Swatch Blended

It gives a natural tint with a nice shimmer. Good for everyday use plus….

*It moisturizes lips so well *

It gives a mild fragrance when applied on lips which vanishes after few minutes. It has SPF too.

At times, I use it above any matte lipstick, just to make my lips shine with the lipstick color  Sprucing

The +ve’s

•    Moisturizes lips while making them shine Thums Up
•    Natural tint which means it is good for everyday use.
•    Quantity is okay for the price, it lasts so long.
•    Pocket friendly.
•    It is available in so many shimmery/non shimmery  variants.
•    It has SPF, a BIG +ve.

The –ve’s

•    The tub package, very unhygienic.
•    I don’t think it suits pigmented lips.

Will I recommend? Yes. If you are on the go and want your lips to shine, then this is for you.

Author's Column

Author: Apoorva.


Introduction:  Apoorva aka Appu is a new bee blogger who comes with a fresh interactive style of writing and a “Girl Next Door” attitude. While going through her posts I felt more like chatting with my girl pal than actually reading a beauty blog. Hop on to her blog for Product reviews, DIYS, Tips and Tricks and so many random things to make you smile Grinning


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  2. Appu nice review dear :)

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  3. Jennifer (Indian Beauty Cafe)September 4, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    nice review, apoorva.....wonder how the black currant one is....

  4. Yet to try Jennifer.. I guess it is doesnt have shimmer but it gives the color :)

  5. Hey.. Thank you Vish.. thanks for putting up my article.. and thank you for the extra 25 points:D more chances to win.. Can I write 1 more post :P just to earn more points :D

  6. Yeah.. Its so cute Preethi. It resembles bourjois tinted lipbalm package style. but I never knew, who copied who. LOL.

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  8. Me too Vish.. Cant stop thanking u :) for all the sweet words you wrote about me. Love you :)

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