Sep 19, 2012

Elle 18 Nail pops Shade 18 ~ Review & ‘On Nails’

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By Jasmine Bhatia 

I love Elle18 for its vibrant, fresh and young colors!! I have been using some of its products from the ranges of lipsticks, kajal and even nail enamels. My most recent purchase from this brand is Elle18 nail pops shade 18. I love this metallic gold color; it’s so trendy and goes with everything!!

Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade 18 - NOTD

Price:  50 INR

Quantity: 5 ml

Best before 36 months

I have a few more shades from this range like #07, #35 and #04 but shade 18 is my favorite for its sheer gold color and shimmer!!

Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade 18 Review

The local cosmetic shops are flooded with all the shades from this range, maybe because of its price; I think it’s a hit in the market amongst college going girls.

Well let’s get back to the shade that I am reviewing, well the shade looks pretty with almost every outfit..Be it any color, Indian or western. I love the fact that it instantly adds bling to the whole look of a person. I am not someone who loves to use accessories. So I guess this gold color adds a bit of a glam quotient.

Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade 18 - Nails

The Pros

  1. It comes in a super cute round bottle.
  2. Even a single coat works fine.
  3. Doesn’t chip off.
  4. Stays for almost a week without getting dull.
  5. Has a Gloss finish.
  6. It’s extremely affordable
  7. Easily available.

Package & Application

The Cons

  1. Due to its round shape, it’s gets a bit tough to take the color once it reduces to half.
  2. The bristles of the brush could have been better.

Will I repurchase it

I think yes, I mean its affordable and I absolutely love the color.


4 out of 5. Deducting 1 mark for its brush quality...I wish it was better!!


Author's Column

Author: Jasmine Bhatia.


Introduction: Jasmine’s reviews are nothing new to the readers here. I so love her neat style of reviewing products and her honesty. Keep it up Jasmine Thums Up

Jasmine’s Reviews:


  1. Great shade and I love how you blinged it up Jasmine :)

  2. Hey Jasmine :) :)
    another fabulous review and what a vibrant shade :)

  3. Thank you so much..i am so glad you like my review :)

  4. thanks neha!! it was the first time i tried my hands on nail art..

  5. Great review..... n really pretty shade.... :)


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