Aug 21, 2012

Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion – Atmospure ~ Review, Swatch & Demo

Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion Claims:
Wipe it all off with the antiseptic and purifying qualities of White Pepper. It increases blood flow at the skin’s surface enabling the ingredients to penetrate immediately and clean more effectively.
Massage a small amount gently onto your face using circular movements. Then either rinse with warm water or wipe with wet cotton pad.  It can also be used to remove both eye and face make-up.

Nature's Co - White Pepper Cleansing Lotion
Price: 345 INR for 100ml

Life Span: 1.5 years

Look & Feel

Little Notes
  • Package:  Nature’s Co products come with a little note about the purpose of the main ingredient. I liked this style of packing from Nature’s Co.

    The cleanser comes in a sturdy rectangular plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The cap of the bottle is not properly gripped but thankfully the pump has another small protective cap.
    Fragrance: Smells of pepper but it’s mild so it doesn’t displease the nasal senses.
  • Texture: A white creamy liquid with the right consistency for a cleanser.


    • Cleansing?
      • Needs 2-3 swipes to remove every day light makeup, dirt and impurities.
      • Doesn’t remove long staying makeup even after using it multiple times.
      • Not much useful removing eye makeup. But it doesn’t sting eyes and hence safe to use.


    • Greasy? One definitely needs to rinse it off with water as it feels slightly oily. But it does wash off easily with plain water.
    • Stinging? Notice none while using for face, lips and eyes as well.
    Cost Efficiency: Effects are not worth the price.
    Final Note: It’s an average cleanser which doesn’t give the deeply cleansed effect. I am not saying it’s bad but somehow I am not satisfied with the use of it.
    Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


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      Thank u
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    2. nice review u back in action..:)

    3. Hello Preetha :)
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    4. sound ok-ok types.... I used the lakme cleanser long back, and used to like it... but ever since waterproof makeup removers came onto the forefront, I haven't bought a cleansing lotion....

    5. Hello Ritu :)
      Yes I loved d Lakme Cleanser too
      I use makeup remover fr eyes
      Need cleansing milk fr my dry skin esp in winters
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    6. Nice review Vish:)
      i am still in search of a good cleanser.<3

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