Aug 15, 2012

Lets Nail It ~ Tips & Toes Nail Enamel - San Francisco 03 ~ Review

Tips & Toes Nail Enamel - San Francisco 03
Tips & Toes Nail Enamel is indulged with the one Coat coverage with quick drying and long lasting formula. It has perfect shades for Office/Daily wear, festive seasons and special occasions. It is a scratch free formulation that protects the enamel. Wear you mood on your nails!
 Tips & Toes Nail Enamel - San Francisco 03 
Price: 95 INR for 9ml
Life Span: 36 months.

      Look & Feel

      Package & Texture

      The Looks of this nail enamel are similar to the Greece 16 previously reviewed here. The shade San Francisco is a lovely shade of purple with a metallic finish to it.


      The texture is quite thick compared to Greece 16 and the application is not smooth.


        • Finish? Gives a streaky finish because of which it gives a dull look in-spite of the pretty purple shade. Using a top coat makes it look much smooth and glossy. In the below picture I haven’t used any top coat but the flash of the camera added the sheen to it.


        • Drying Time? Single Coat dries soon but with 2 coats it takes almost half an hour to dry completely.
        • Chipping Time? 3-4 days 

        After 4 days

        • Fading Time? 3-4 days.
        • Lasting Power? 5 days.

        Cost Efficient? Costs less but it's of average quality.

        Final Note: Nice shade but the texture should match with Greece 16 to give smooth even application.
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        1. Shade is pretty but texture doesn't sound very nice :)

        2. Gud mrng Nehu
          Happy Indepence Day
          Exactly dear :)
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        3. love the shade..happy independence day vish..

        4. Hi Preethi :)
          Thank U so much
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