Aug 31, 2012

Kryolan Translucent Powder Review, Swatch & Demo

VOV GiveAway Entry  Post – I

By Salomi Gupta

I have seen reviews on many products and I never got it why people are not aware of Kryolan  and why online shopping sites don't provide Kryolan products. I have used almost every product Kryolan has to offer and I simply am in love with Kryolan.

Kryolan Translucent Powder

Some days back I saw a review of Kryolan TV Paint Stick and I am so happy that  finally someone is there who loves Kryolan as much as I do.

Today I am reviewing translucent powder from Kryolan. This is my first review Smiling

About Kryolan:

First thing about Kryolan is it is a professional range and all the Kryolan products are made in Germany. The makeup you see in Movies, TV serials and on Models is done using these products.

Price: 400 INR for 20g.

Life Span: 4 years.


In first photograph you can see how the container looks. Now the below pictures show the bottom side of container.  It comes in a 20g packing.

Package & Details - TL5Package & Details - TL9 


Kryolan Translucent Powder - Shades

I have two shades of translucent powder from Kryolan. They are amazing. In the photograph above you can see the shades.

  • First shade that is TL9 is a lighter shade. I use this shade when I do makeup for parties.
  • Second shade is TL5 which is a comparatively darker shade. This is an amazing shade for people having wheatish complexion. I use it at day time.

My Experience:

Kryolan Translucent Powder - Swatches

I apply it directly on my face i.e. without applying any base/foundation and I am ready in about 2 minutes to go out.

These powders blend in so well that no one can say I have applied anything on my face .  You can see it in the below photograph.

Kryolan Translucent Powder - Swatches Blended

My skin is really really oily in the nose area, so it lasts about 5-6 hours and sometimes less when I apply it with out base/foundation. With  a base/foundation it lasts for the whole party time and you don't have to go to washroom and do touch ups every now and then .

Author's Column

Author: Salomi Gupta.


Introduction: Salomi has just begun her blogging journey and wants to share ‘Do It Yourself’ recipes using natural products. If you like natural products and want to know DIY beauty recipes then you know this is the space you should visit.

Let’s all wish good luck and Happy Blogging to Salomi Thums Up

Update from Salomi

Salomi says:
I know the problem faced by Kryolan users due to lack to availability I get my Kryolan products from a dealer in my city who provides all makeup and beauty products to all the beauty parlors in my city ( Indore, M.P ). If you guys face so much problem i can get the contact details of the dealers in your cities.


  1. Jennifer (Indian Beauty Cafe)August 31, 2012 at 3:37 PM

    hey salomi, i too reviewed the TV paint stick recently.... and i have this miracle powder in TL4.......... love love kryolan but no store here in bangalore....also as u said, not much of kryolan online too.....:(
    nice to see the other shades......TL5 seems to be a slightly darker yellow than my TL4.... :)

  2. TL4 will suit medium skin tone perfectly! btw loved the review.. my revlon compact is over n m sooo on a hunt of a good loose powder n m eyeing kryolan loose powder from a long long time.. i m surely gettin this ! nice review..salomi! all the best for the giveaway

  3. Hi Salomi :)

    Thanks for the nice review :)I totally understand your love for Kryolan. It's a great brand with afforable products.
    You have gained 25 extra points with the review. All the best dear :)

  4. Helloooo Rico :) :) :)
    even I love the yellow tint in the TL5 shade :)
    Might get it soon too

  5. always interested to try Kryolan. nice product review

  6. Hello Jenny :)
    No store exclusive store in Hyd also :(
    but there's a beauty centre where they hoard few Kryolan products.

  7. thanx vish and everyone so much.
    i know the problem faced by kryolan users due to lack to availability
    i get get my kryolan products from a dealer in my city who provides
    all makeup and beauty products to all the beauty parlours in my city ( Indore, M.P )
    If you guys face so much problem i can get the contact details of the dealers in your cities.

    1. hi can you give me dealer contact details i m also from id is

    2. Hi salomi, that review was helpful. I am also from indore. Could you please give me the contact details of this dealer. Ot seems no store in indore carries kryolan. My email id is
      thanks. Have a good day.

  8. hi jennifer i saw your review and i have mentioned it in my review
    and believe me i felt so good when i saw your review
    again i m using two shades of tv paint sticks
    626b for day makeup
    and combination of 626b and FS29 for night time makeup :)

  9. Wow that's a good thing dear

    Updating the post with this detail, so that people can reach out to you :)

  10. Hi Coral :)
    wats ur current fav compact/ pressed powder or loose powder?

  11. Salomi what's on your nails?
    Loved that nude shade and the finish of it :)

  12. Hi Salomi..great review:) Do you know of any dealer in Kolkata?

  13. hi dolon i dont know any dealer but my dealer is very supportive he can help
    i ll talk to him and let you know :)

  14. its my new nail polish from new u shade is irish creme its very affordable just inr 35/- :)
    amazing colors

  15. 35 wowwwwwww so affordable me gttng it
    Thanks dear :)
    Is it avail ol?
    Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  16. Hey Salomi, nice review :)

  17. i dont do much online shopping so really dont have any idea if it is available online.
    we have new u store in a mall in our city .lasting for this nail paint is really good .

  18. Cool I m gettng it
    Yes New U is there in hyd too
    Will buy
    :) :) :)
    Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  19. Hello Preetha

    Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  20. newlook cosmetics pvt ltd
    contact no.s : +(91)-(33)-30223500, 30223501, 30223502, 30223503
    address : 54, 1ST Floor, Block D1, Near Tea Board, Ezra Street, Kolkata - 700001
    try this store , and be aware of duplication take care

  21. Hi salomi can u pls provide me with details of dealers of Kryolan product in PUNE, Maharashtra

    1. Hello dear Vids
      I just found out from Salomi and itseems she doesn't know Kryolan dealers from Pune. But yes she said there are some dealers in mumbai who would ship at a price of 150 extra per 1000 Rs order
      May you should try some Mumbai dealers


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