Aug 14, 2012

Iraya Coconut Soap ~ Review & Pictures

Iraya Coconut Soap Claims:
A gentle soap bar, made with nourishing coconut oil, rice bran oil and skin-softening coconut butter.Moisturises the skin leaving the wonderful tropical aroma of fresh coconuts.
Iraya - Coconut Soap
Price: 175 INR for 100g. Won in the Deals, Steals N More Iraya Hamper Giveaway.
Life Span: 2 years.

Look & Feel

  • Package: A solid square bar in orange-brown color and comes in a plastic wrapper as pictured below.


  • Fragrance: Exactly of coconut milk. The smell lasts only during bath time but will not linger later.
  • Texture: Smooth bar with 3-4 pieces of dry coconut and feels slightly oily to touch.



  • Lathering? It lathers in a milky foam which makes us feel like bathing with  body lotion.
  • Cleansing? It does cleanse well but leaves behind a very slight slippery feeling.
  • Moisturizing? One can skip a moisturizer during normal weather. My dry skin feels soft whenever I use this soap.

Cost Efficient? Yes. It doesn’t melt easily and hence lasts for a long time.

Final Note: It’s a very good soap and suitable for dry skin Thums Up However, I don’t find it to be luxurious as I don’t like the smell of coconut in skin care range. But again fragrance is a personal choice.

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  1. 175 for a soap is sort of expensive :)

  2. Haan yes it's expensive dear
    Bt if u have extreme dry skin this soap is wrth trying
    Otherwise not necc
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  3. ssss dear..i do agree with Neha..175 for nice review

  4. Helloo Preethi :)
    By the way I won this in a giveaway
    Forgot to update the post
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  5. I've used Iraya lavender soap,quite nice indeed!

  6. Hi Pooja :)
    Thanks fr d info
    What type of skin is it meant fr?

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  7. nice review and i really like such soaps.. i will try it..:)

  8. Hello Niesha
    Thanks dear sure chk it out
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  9. looks yummy... i have always felt that iraya products are overpriced..compared to their quality u know...
    anyway coconut oil gives me acne... yikes...
    how are u vish vish :)

  10. Hellooo Ife :)
    I am good dear
    How have u been?

    Acne wid coconut oil? Oohhh do u have oily skin dear?
    I like d coconut oil smell nly for hair
    Only in winters I prefer using pure coco oil for face as I have dry skin :( Ife, al d products I got in d hamper were indeed quite good dear xcept fr dis soap Which again is good fr dry skin bt d smell puts me off
    Pricey bt u can clrly feel d purity in it ife
    No chemicals at all
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