Aug 26, 2012

Funday Looks ~ Twisty Looped Bun With Side Puff ~ Traditional LOTD

Hello Ladies!!!

Happy Sunday to you all…

Side Puff Hair Bun

I am back with a hair tutorial. This would be great on those days when you have to attend a traditional function/ wedding and your hair is oily, dirty and flat. This style imparts volume and lift to your hair-do and also keeps your hair away from face.


Products Used: Enliven Hair Spray,  Thin Elastics, Mirror for rear viewing and many bobby pins.

Products Needed

Side Puff:

Side Puff

  1. Simply pull your bangs or the front section of your hair to a side.
  2. Secure into a puff with bobby pins as shown.

Volumize: Pull the hair up at the crown and tease in sections at the areas marked.


Push all the hair back and smooth it. This step is optional, but to get good volume at the crown area you can apply it.


  1. Pull the hair section on one side of the puff and start braiding in the direction shown.  This frames the braid neatly around your face.
  2. Once you are half way through, you can bring the braid down for convenience.


  1. Secure the end with a clip or band. You would anyways remove it later. For now it’s necessary to prevent the braid from loosening.
  2. Repeat the same on the other side.


  1. Pull both the braids back and secure together with a thin elastic. Remove the snap clips used at the ends and unbraid the rest of the hair.
  2. Remove a section of hair from beneath and start wrapping it around the elastic. This covers the elastic.


  1. Secure the wrap with a bobby pin as shown.
  2. A braided band is formed.

Simple Hair Do

If you want to keep your hair loose, you can leave it here. This forms a nice hair-do as well.

Twisty Looped Bun:

  1. Secure the rest of the hair into a tight pony. The tighter the better.
  2. Start twisting upwards and in the direction shown in the picture. Continue the process forming a loop.

Twisty Looped Bun

  1. Once a full loop is formed, hold the loop with palm and start placing bobby pins in all directions. This will secure the bun firmly in place. Tuck away the rest of the hair underneath the loop.
  2. Adjust with a rear view mirror  and  add as many bobby pins as required. Looped bun is done.

Finished Look

  1. Use a hair spray to smoothen fly-aways and to set the hairstyle.

Notes: This is not a simple to recreate style and one needs practice. Honestly it took me 2 trials to get a neat hair-do. Practice it and be ready. It would definitely be a savior on D-days with no time for hair wash.



Happy Preening Senoritas !!!




  1. Vish! Ur becoming an expert in this field dear. Ur hairstyles are rocking day by day :)

  2. Good Morning Lav :)
    Thank you so much dear :)

  3. woww..vish..i do agree with lavanya....and u look like air pretty

  4. Hey Preethi :)
    Thanks a lott
    Hahahahaha ya air hostess was my bachpan's dream too :p lol
    Thanks again
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  5. such an easy DIY :)

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Life amidst chaos: Can you handle it?

    ~Boomerang Plus

  6. Hey Boomerang :)
    Thanks and sure will check ur post too
    Thanks fr visiting my space
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  7. Shoppingaholic JiyaAugust 26, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    This is beautiful!! I would love to do it when I am wearing a saree. I guess soon!! Thanks for sharing this.

    Shopping, Style and Us

  8. Hi Jiya
    Thank U so much dear
    N yes I love wearing buns on sarees too

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  9. beautiful. Vish you are very good at hairstyles.:)
    i like your hairstyles post .:)

  10. Hey Niesha :)
    Thanks a lot dear
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  11. Wow! you look stunning and that's a really sophisticated do :)

  12. Hello Coral :)
    Hw r u?
    Thanks a lot dear
    Glad u liked d do :)
    It did take a little practice though to get dat neat luk
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  13. loved the side poof & the bun looks so perfect Vish!

  14. Hi Ray
    How r u n thanks a lot dear :)
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  15. Looks really pretty Vishy :)

  16. Thank U Nehu :) :) :)
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