Jul 14, 2012

Weekend Musings ~ Makeup & Beauty Anecdotes

Happy Weekend Friends Cheers

Was a bit busy again so couldn’t do any post over the past two days.  Here I come back with some beauty fun.

During my aimless surfing over the net came across many myths,  facts and anecdotes about Beauty & Cosmetics. Here’s the list of some facts that I found to be amusing, intriguing and at times horrifying.

SurprisedThe shimmer and shine in lipsticks and nail polishes comes from fish scales. The FDA-approved color additive, guanine (often called pearl essence), is also found in fragrances, hair and skin care products.

The nail polish was originated from Chinese. They invented it from egg whites, beeswax, gum and colored powder

When a sleeveless-evening-gown-clad model on the cover of the May 1915 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine was pictured with hairless underarms, the Wilkinson Sword razor company began marketing women’s underarm hair as unhygienic and unfeminine. And so it began the tale of woman’s painful hairless beauty.

In 1915, T.L. Williams created a cosmetics company and named it Maybelline in honor of his sister, Maybel, and Vaseline brand petroleum jelly, which was the base ingredient of his new mascara product.

 Beauty marks were held in high regard long before Cindy Crawford and her iconic mole. Renaissance women went so far as to make their own “beauty spots” from small circles of black velvet, which also proved useful for hiding pimples, warts, and scars.

The Horror Story of Beauty:

Many women would fake their paleness by using leeches or slashing one of their veins and draining the blood. What women won’t do for beauty!

During the 17th and 18th centuries, women used drops made from the poisonous plant belladonna to dilate their pupils, which was considered attractive. Occasional use damaged vision; prolonged use led to permanent blindness.

The Gross:


Dying your hair black in ancient Rome involved feeding leeches, putting them in vinegar, leaving the substance to ferment for two months and thicken into a paste, then applying the mixture to the hair and allowing it to dry for a day.

A popular therapy called ‘urine therapy’ is used by many celebrities and personalities to stay healthy and beautiful. This includes rubbing your first urine of the day on your face and/or drinking a few drops.

Upscale spa-goers can now pay for the privilege of getting bird poop smeared on their faces. The nightingale droppings in pricey “geisha” or “nightingale” facials are believed to soften, brighten, and nourish the complexion.


  Image Source, References

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  1. Hi...nice trivia..bird poop is seriously gross!!! ewww!!!

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  7. nice post..I read about maybelline on wikipedia... and loved how he created the name maybelline and the mascara by mixing KOHL and vaseline.. geat !!!.:) take care Vish..

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