Jun 21, 2012

While I have been away…

Hello Friends !!!
InLoveA  heartfelt thanks for the love and concern of all you when I posted the Blog Break post and also for welcoming me back  so happily. I was and I am very much fine but just caught up with my career that I had to take this small break from blogging. But now fully refreshed and kind of figured out a routine to keep up with my career and blogging. So I am back.
Well, what did I do while I was on a break? Obviously the break was for the blog posts but not from preening. So I had,

Participated in Beauty Diaries Electrifying Eyes Contest  . Below is the list of my entries.

Entry 1:
Entry 3:
Received Giveaway Goodies from
Deals, Steals N More Iraya Hamper Giveaway  - Wild Lime Face Wash, Shower Gel, Coconut Soap, Green Apple Lip Balm and Fruit and Nut Scrub.
and also from
Corallista’s Love Your Skin Giveaway Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector and Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock.
Lost the Kiehl’s Night Concentrate from the Giveaway Hamper. This is my second experience with DTDC couriers getting tampered. Previously half of my Avon stuff got stolen.
Did a random haul…

Learnt and practiced  tweezing hair by threading and now I am able to do my own eyebrows. Happy as the frequency of Salon trips will be reduced and might only be for hair trimming sessions.

Practiced to do 2-3 Hair Buns with my stubborn  hair,  of course with the help of numerous bobby pins. But I love them!!!
That’s pretty much it friends …
Hope you are all doing great too. Do share your updates

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