Jun 25, 2012

Khadi Handmade Herbal Soap - Rose Sandal ~ Review

Khadi Handmade Herbal Soap - Rose Sandal Claims:
Khadi Rose Sandal Body Wash is well known for its cooling properties and is excellent for tired skin. The combination of Rose and Sandal makes it one of the most exotic and aromatic body cleansers.

Price: 50 INR for 125g

Look & Feel:
  • Package: A bar soap which comes in a plastic wrapper with a paper label.
  • Fragrance: Smells pleasantly of roses with a hint of sandalwood. But it lasts only till the bath time Sad
  • Texture: A dark pink colored translucent glycerin soap which glides on smoothly. It even lasts long as it's not a melting soap.


  • Lathers? Decently.
  • Cleanses? Removes dirt and oiliness thoroughly.
  • Moisturizing? Normal and oily skin ladies can skip moisturizer post bath. But not sufficient for dry skin ladies.
  • Refreshes? Haven't noticed any cooling effect which was the primary reason of why I purchased it in summers.

Cost Efficient: Yes.

Final Note: It's a good soap that cleanses well without drying and people who are not particular about perfumed soaps will definitely love it. I just wish for the fragrance to last at least an hour.

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  1. Great review Vish and it's good to see that the soap lasts long..

  2. Hello Shruti :)
    thank U dear

  3. I have saffron soap in khadi & that's nice to....want to try Mogra now.

  4. Hello Dipti :)
    wow Mogra surely sounds awesome


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