Jun 29, 2012

Just Herbs Sun’nil Sun Protection Lotion ~ Review & Swatch

Just Herbs Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion Claims:
This lotion is aimed at addressing and even reversing the signs of sun-driven skin aging. The natural polyphenols present in green tea, grapeseed and carrotseed oils effectively neutralise the free radicals responsible for skin aging. Due to the presence of natural antioxidants capable of scavenging the free radicals while Aloe Vera replenishes the lost moisture to restore the skin’s NMF(natural moisturizing factor) and controls Sun-induced hyper-pigmentation in the form of freckles, thus maintaining the skin’s natural complexion. Psoralea seed extract strengthens the skin’s defense mechanism against UV rays to maintain the integrity of cutaneous barrier.
Just Herbs Sun’nil Sun Protection Lotion

Price: 395 INR for 100 ml. Won in WiseShe & Just Herbs Giveaway

Life – Span: 3 years

Look & Feel:

  • Package: Comes in a light-weight plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. Each pump spritzes enough quantity to cover full face. I quite like the simple and convenient package.
Pump Dispenser
  • Fragrance: Has a mild sandal fragrance. It lingers till we top it up with either powder or foundation.
  • Texture:  It’s smooth and creamy lotion with the right consistency.


  • Moisturizing?  As it’s designed for Normal-Dry Skin it provides good moisturization. I can skip a moisturizer while using this. But it has to be set with a powder else skin becomes oily in an hour. While Blending
  • Sweaty? Yes. Slightly sweaty but can be taken care by a loose or a pressed powder.
  • Whitish Cast? Noticed slight whitish cast but it settles in a few minutes. Also no ghostly photographs with this lotion wink
  • Finish? Moisturized, smooth and brightened skin.
Fully Blended
  • Sun Protection? They didn’t mention the SPF content but the Zinc-Oxide percentage is mentioned as 0.2. For my daily routine of 20-30 minutes of Sun exposure and then an all A.C environment, Just Herbs does offer good protection against Sun. Haven’t noticed any further darkening of Skin. However I prefer using higher SPF content sunscreens when directly getting exposed to Sun for longer periods.

Final Note: It’s a very good sunscreen for dry skin, which offers sun protection and moisturization effectively. Works well for ladies who get minimum exposure to Sun. Also this is definitely not for oily skin ladies. Just Herbs has another Sunscreen in gel form formulated for Oily Skin smile


For everyone, wondering about the SPF content in the Sun’nil lotion….

Just Herbs team has given some insight!

Just Herbs doesn’t use the terminology SPF because JH sun protection products do not use the chemical based sunscreens in respect of which the term is used only in relation to UV B rays. JH products draw their sun protection properties from natural antioxidants , plant polyphenols ,mineral based physical sunscreens and antiinflammatory herbs like grapeseed , Green tea, wheatgerm, Aloevera, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Psoralea seed etc.”

Just Herbs stays purely Herbal Thums Up

Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Just Herbs Sun’nil Sun Protection Lotion" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.


  1. Nice review Vishy :)

  2. Nehu thank U :)
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  3. Hey Preetha :) thank U
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  4. Hey Preetha that's a nice dp :)

  5. That sounds good. most of the products from just herns kind of work well. i hv the rose face pack for tan and love it a lot! :)

  6. Ooh I love dat pack too
    I usually am so lazy when it comes to facepacks
    Bt since d day I started using d rose pack d smell is so tempting that I m regularly using it
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  7. oh hehe. i am just the opposite. :P love love love face packs. I am never lazy for them :D

  8. Hehehehe ya dat laziness is bfr rose face pack :)
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  9. Sounds good. I am using a couple of Just herbs products and they are just amazing! Might give this a try in winters

  10. Hi Nivedita :)
    Ya they are good na
    I m glad to see Indian products becoming a hit in d market now
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  11. WOW have been wanting such a sunscreen for so long!!
    following you..

    Please checkout my bog "Nail Art Hues" and please follow if you like :)
    thanks :D

  12. Hi Manu :)
    Thank u for visiting and sure will checkout your blog
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  13. sounds good vish.... i might give this a try once i run out of my Kaya Skin Clinic sunscreen *.*

  14. Manushree MishraJune 30, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Please do follow if you like it will make my day thanks :)
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  15. Sure Manu :)
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  16. Oh sure :)
    Howz d Kaya one?
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  17. not for oily skin :-(

  18. Hi Ritu :)

    They have another variant for Oily Skin dear so no worries


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