Jun 27, 2012

Iraya Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash ~ Review & Swatch

Iraya Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash Claims:
With the finest margosa (neem), wild lime and Indian sarsaparilla extracts, this purifying face wash cleanses skin of excess sebum, oils and pollutants. Ideal for normal to oily & acne-prone skin. Regular use clarifies and balances the skin, all day.

Wild Lime Face Wash

Price: 345 INR for 150 ml. Won in the Deals, Steals N More Iraya Hamper Giveaway

Life Span: 2 years


Look & Feel:

  • Package: Comes in sturdy rectangular plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The dispenser can be rotated to Open and Stop the flow of the face-wash. Hence ideal for travelling. But while rotating the pump back to the Stop position,one has to press the pump which leads to the product wastage. In the below picture I couldn’t capture the ‘Open’ and ‘Stop’ markings well so mentioned it at the top.

Pump Dispenser

  • Fragrance: Refreshing lime fragrance which awakens your senses. The fragrance lasts for about an hour.
  • Texture: A thick green colored gel like face wash.



  • Cleansing? Removes the base makeup, dirt, oil and impurities very well.
  • Lathering? It’s free of sulphates hence will not produce a rich foamy lather. But it does give decent lather for thorough cleansing.
  • Oil Control? I never had the problem of excessive sebum as I have dry skin. But the humidity during monsoons makes my skin sweaty and sticky. This face-wash does prolong the time of sticky-free face smile
  • Moisturizing? Though it’s meant for normal to oily skin it didn’t cause any trouble on my dry skin too. No dry patches or roughness, just a little stretchy feeling which can be taken care by a regular moisturizer.

Cost Efficient: Feels little pricey for a face-wash but worth it for the non-chemical ingredients.

Final Note: It’s a very good chemical free face-wash for normal-oily or combination skin types. I like using it in the monsoons to control oil secretion due to increased humidity.

InLoveThanks to Shruti and Iraya this face-wash has come to me in the right season. 


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  1. Nice review Vishyy :)

  2. Hey Nehu :)
    Thank U
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  3. Looks nice, i like iraya products!

  4. Superb review Vish and you're more than welcome :), hope you'll participate like this in the upcoming giveaways as well.

  5. Seems like I have to pick this up. Looks good.

  6. Hi Shruti :)
    Sure would love to participate dear

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  7. Hello Kofy yes dear do try in esp in monsoons

  8. Hello Manya
    how are you
    I can understand y u like dem
    dey r pure n effective na


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