Jun 24, 2012

Funday Looks ~ Braided Side Bun ~ Pictorial & Look Of The Day

Hi Hi Friends!!!

I always had a thing for hair buns for two reasons. 1) Because they transform  a bad hair day to a ‘Hello Gorgeous’ day. 2) Because I wasn’t able to wear a bun till date as my hair is too stubborn to bend into a knot. But now I have discovered that my hair does listen to Bobby Pins so tried this braided bun and sharing with you all the same.

Braided Side Bun

Products Needed


  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Pins/ Bun Pins
  • 2 thin Elastics
  • Holding Spray


Step 1:

Brushed Hair

Start with neatly brushed hair.

Step 2:

Side Pony

Grab all the hair to the side and secure into a pony tail with the help of an elastic.

Step 3:

Side Braid

Braid the pony till the end and secure with another elastic.

Step 4:


Start rolling as shown in the picture. You can take the help of rear mirror to make sure the rolling is done  symmetrically. Roll till you reach the end of the braid and tuck the end into the bun.

Step 5:

Bobby Pins

Put a bobby pin at the point where you have tucked the end in. Now secure the bun by adding bobby pins around the bun. It took me 4-5 pins to get a secured bun. I have even used 2 hair pins/  bun pins to keep it safe from rolling out.

Step 6:

Final Look

Final Look. Spritz any holding spray and smoothen the fly-aways.

That’s it you are very much done here. The short frontal layers and the bangs weren’t coming into the pony so I have pulled it to the front and curled them with a hot curler. This gives that slightly messy look.

Time Taken: 5-10 minutes.

Lasting Time: Till the bobby pins were removed. It did withstand even when I slept over it.

Look of the Day(LOTD)


Now, how are  you planning to pair this look? Share your thoughts through the comments sections  smile

Happy Sunday and Happy Preening!!!



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