Jun 2, 2012

Brush Series ~ My Hair Brush & Comb Collection ~ Vega Brushes Reviews

I am very happy to see a good response for yesterday's Hair Brush Directory post. Thanks to all of you and now it's time to show the collection of my hair brushes. Long back when I didn't knew even an inkling about hair styling I happened to purchase a brush from Vega which lasted me for about 2 years. Since then I trusted only Vega and now I hoard only Vega brushes because they provide quality brushes well within the budget.

Vega Premium Collection Cushion Brush (E7-CB)

Product Claims:
Vega Cushioned Brush is Ideal for grooming, straightening, smoothing and adding shine to your hair. Nylon bristles with stay-put ball tips easily penetrate the hair and stimulate, massage the scalp and also helps to reduce snags and tangles. Suitable for all types of medium to long hair.

Price: 250 INR

The size of the brush is perfect for medium to long hair providing good grip. The bristles are synthetic with bobbed heads.

It's a quality brush and I completely agree with the product claims. It's perfect to brush through hair for de-tangling and even distribution of oils from scalp through the hair.

Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush - Hot Curl

Product Claims:
Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush - Hot Curl is ideal for adding wave, curl during blow drying and at the same time it makes your hair shiny. The heat-activated ceramic coating allows even heat distribution and better heat retention, cutting your drying time and makes your hair setting last longer. Suitable for short to long hair.

Price: Small --> 235 INR & Medium--> 297

These brushes are a part of the Vega Professional Hair Brushes range. We find similar brushes in every salon. The bristles are made of ceramic and are stiff and poky but hold the hair well. The vents are big enough to show the metallic string at the centre of the brush through which the bristles protrude. The handles do provide a good grip for rolling in the brushes through hair.

I used to use the medium sized brush when I had long hair to straighten hair and to add an inward flip at the ends. After getting my hair cut into layers I purchased the small sized hair brush and using it I used to get the perfect salon styling for the layered hair. I totally recommend this brush for ladies with layered or steps hair cut.  Nothing more to add here as again these brushes fulfil all the claims made.

Vega Premium Collection Hair Brush - Straightening

Product Claims:
This innovative hair brush is ideal for straightening hair while blow drying. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle for easier handling, vented ceramic plates which allow warm air from hair dryer to circulate through the strands for high speed straightening and natural boar bristles for a healthy shine.
It is a simple solution for those who want a fast alternative to straighten their hair without the damage that heat from an electric hair straightener can cause. Suitable for medium to long hair.

Price: 379 INR 

As seen in the image the brush looks like a straightener and helps to hold the hair straight while blow drying. One can get pin straight hair with this brush. I purchased this brush before I discovered the beauty of curls. I used it 5-6 times but felt it was damaging hair compared to a ceramic flat iron. Reason as we have to pull our hair tight with this brush. Agreed the bristles are a combination of boar and ceramic bristles but still all the pulling will damage the texture of naturally wavy or curly hair.

I personally felt this brush would be better for professional styling than for regular styling so stopped using it.

It also comes with a sliding lock at the end of the handle, to hold the brush together when not in use. My brush broke as it fell down from a good height and now it's like this.

Vega Shampoo Comb 1268

Product Claims:
Wet hair, after shampooing, is tangled and weak. If not handled carefully, it leads to breakage and loss of hair. Vega Shampoo Comb has wide teeth that help detangle hair without tugging and smoothen hair for styling.

Price: 49 INR 

Firstly, I really love the look of this brush. Typical girly color!!! Have used it on wet hair and dry hair and it does the job of de-tangling so well. I love combing curled hair with this to separate the curls neatly. Just adore and recommend it to all the curly haired beauties.

Packaging of Vega
Vega provides this kind of plastic case with the Premium and Professional range of brushes. The back of the case has different brushes manufactured by Vega along with their uses. Instead of this it would be better if Vega provides instructions of few Hair Dos one can create using the particular brush.

Availability: I found all the Vega Hair Brushes in Urbantouch.com. I saw some of these brushes in regular super markets also.

Rat Tail Comb

I use this comb to tease hair in the front. Also the thin handle helps to section hair while creating twists or French braids.

I have purchased this below bumpit kit long back from US. Although I wasn't being able to use the bumpits well on my hair this comb provided in the pack has helped me in teasing hair.

Well, that's my collection. Honestly ever since I learn't about the no heat curling methods I am being away from heat styling so not using these Ceramic Brushes at all. Now I just use the cushion brush and the de-tangling comb for daily usage.

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