Jun 1, 2012

Brush Series ~ Choose your Hair Brush ~ Types & Uses

A plain comb has always been sufficient to me until I learn't how each hair brush gives a different style. Hair brushes are very essential and form the base of hair styling. But there are so many types of hair brushes available in the market. Confused to choose the right one for you? Today, Sagaciously Beautiful presents the 

Hair Brush Directory

Know about the purpose of each brush and choose the right hair brush for your needs.

Paddle  Brush

This brush is a wide flat brush with an air cushion having either nylon or boar bristles on one side.
  • De-tangling
  • Even distribution of oil adding shine to hair.
  • To distribute heat evenly and helps in blow drying hair.
Hair Type: Long thick hair.

Cushion Brush

This brush is similar to Paddle Brush having a soft cushion base. Only difference is the base of the cushion brush which is usually curved and smaller than the Paddle Brush
  • De-tangling
  • Even distribution of oil adding shine to hair.
  • For flattening without creating volume
Hair Type: Medium or short length hair with fine texture.

Vent Brushes

These brushes have stiff bristles protruding through holes basically called as vents. These vents allow hot air to be passed through the base. The base of the bristles can be round or flat.
  • Ideal for styling hair using blow dryers.
  • Does the job of de-tangling well.
Hair Type: Choose the size according to the length and thickness of your hair. Choose round shaped brush for waves/ curls and flat shaped brush for straightening.

Radial/ Round Brushes

The brush base is round and cylindrical with bristles protruding through vents. This is a versatile brush that can be used to create different styles using a blow drying.
  • Adding volume to hair..
  • Creating curls with blow dryer.
  • Creating waves with blow dryer.
  • Straightening with blow dryer.
  • Creating flips with blow dryer.
Hair Type: Depends on the hair style to be created but not the hair type.

Half Radial Brushes

The brush base looks like a half cut cylinder with bristles protruding through the base on only one side.
  • Ideal for creating flips inwards or outwards without the need of much heat.
Hair Type: Thick hair.

Teasing Brushes

This is a rectangular brush that looks like a long version of a tooth brush but with boar bristles. As teasing is a process of back combing the hair, the natural bristles are required to keep the texture of the hair undamaged.
  • For creating big hair bumps.
  • For giving volume to hair.
Hair Type: Ideal for fine thin hair.

Military Hair Brush

Looks like round cushion brush but without a handle.
  • For giving a slick back smoothened hair on scalp
  • De-tangling
Hair Type: Ideal for Men or women with short hair.

Types in Combs:

Wide or Narrow?
  • A wide toothed comb is ideal for de-tangling curls or waves without disturbing the curl pattern.
  • A narrow toothed comb can be used for silky fine hair for de-tangling.


Bristles of the hair brushes are usually made of nylon, boar hair and ceramic metal. For styling hair with blow drying the ceramic bristles are ideal because they distribute the heat evenly giving flawless and lasting style. The boar bristles are usually densely packed and provide healthy shine to hair. They helping in massaging the hair and improving blood circulation. The nylon bristles are made of synthetic material and a budget friendly option. Always choose bobbed head nylon bristles which are safe for hair.

Final Recommendations: 
  • If you style hair using a blow drier choose a vented round brush with ceramic bristles to create many styles with single brush.
  • If all you need is a good de-tangling cum straightening brush choose Paddle or cushion brushes.
  • If your style is curls then go only for wide toothed combs.
If you know any more brushes then do share about them through the comments section

Happy Hair Styling and Happy Preening :)

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