May 11, 2012

Simple Party Look with Maybelline Gel Liner ~ ReDone ~ Pictorial

My friend Preeti Prasad from has asked me to do a Pictorial for the Simple Party Look I posted here.

Firstly apologies Preeti for delaying the post. I kind of got carried away in the curling frenzy :P.


  1. I did this look after returning from work so already have mascara, Kajal and liner applied. You should basically start with primed eyes.
  2. Applied Kajal and lined 2/3rd of lower lash line as shown with brown gel liner.
  3. Extended the wing from the point the liner ended in the last step.
  4. From the mid way of the wing marked the the connection to the upper lash line. This mid way point gives a thick line.
  5. Taking the mark in the previous step as the base, draw a line as shown.
  6. Fill in the gap with the brown color.
  7. Pick up the gold color from the pot, pat it on the liner and smoothen the color.  
  8.  Repeat step 7 till you get the color shown in the picture.
  9. Finish it with mascara, tight-lining and Kajal.
Finished Look:

Please ignore my tired eyes and the oily lids.

Hope the steps are clear. For any doubts you can drop a comment and I will reply as soon as possible :)

Happy Preening!!!

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