May 23, 2012

Shop-O-pedia ~ Experience & Peek-A-Boo Part II

Peek-A-Boo - Part II:

I so wanted to build my brush collection and was doing some research on budget brushes available in India. One day some sweet angel whispered into my ear to check When I checked, they have exactly what I wanted and well with-in my budget. 22-piece Brush Set. 

I immediately checked the shipping charges and noticed that including the shipping fee and currency conversions the price is around 2700 INR.  Without any second thoughts I placed an order and received the order confirmation with in hours.

I Hate Indian Customs: has sent me the order in exactly 10 days. Placed the order on April 7th and received it on April 17th. Yes it's so precious a set to me that I well remember the dates.

Happily I opened the brush roll and I got a heart-attack. Only 2 brushes were there in the roll. Yes 2 out of 22 brushes!!! The customs have stolen all the brushes. I still wonder why they left those 2 also.

I love Coastal Scents Customer Service:
Trying to put together the pieces of my broken heart and listening to my mother's chiding I placed a call to Coastal Scents customer service. The only one question the operator asked was if the package was open or closed. When I answered that it was open, she immediately sent me a mail confirming the refund which included the shipping charges. According to the operator the package must have been tampered by the Customs or the Local Postal Department. The money was credited to my card with in 2 working days. So thank god and thank CoastalScents. No loss of money.

I was so smitten by these brushes that  I wanted to try again. I placed another order but within 2 hours of placing the order I got to know that someone I knew was coming from US in mid May. Now this time I want to make sure that I get the brushes. So I called the customer care and asked them if they can change the Shipping Address from India to US. The operator( I still remember her name but not sure if I can mention her name here) told me that they can't change the address between countries. After I recounted her the story of tampering, she promised to check if the order has not moved from warehouse as only then they can revoke the order. Thank god it wasn't moved from warehouse and the order got cancelled. No extra money was charged :)

Happily I placed a new order with US Shipping Address. Also, to avail the free shipping within US for above 50$ this time I added other products.

Complete Haul:

22 Piece Brush Set

Shadow Worx Eye Shadow Primer


Samples from Mineral MakeUp Range 

  • Vintage Mineral Eye-shadow
  • True Mineral Blush
  • Multi-purpose Mineral Concealer
  • Exotic Skin # 4 Mineral Foundation Quick Look:
  • Products Range: CoastalScents covers a wide range of cosmetics, Brushes, Bath & Body products, Sets and Palettes. 
  • Price Range: Reasonable and sales would be going on through out the year. Also, for a dollar or two one can order samples if you are unsure about the shades.
  • User Interface: Easy to navigate and clear pictures are provided with zoom functionality. The colors in reality completely match with the colors given on the website. Each product is described well for understanding.
  • Payment Options: Paypal and Credit Card only, for online orders. There is something mentioned about offline orders but I don't have any clue about what it means
  • Shipping: Free shipping within US for orders above 50$. Provides world wide shipping. User has the choice to opt for Federal Express or Unites States Postal Service. The cheapest is the USPS First Class Mail International plan. 
  • Delivery Time: Within US reached in 3 working days. To India with the cheapest shipping option chosen it takes about 7-10 days.
  • Customer Service: Prompt and customer friendly. 
  • Packing: Can't comment on a tampered package I received. Also for the package that I got shipped to US, I asked my friend to open and cross-check. So not sure how safely it is wrapped. But I sure liked the cute net pack in which the samples were put. 
  • Surprise: They do send free samples with the purchases. For the brush set I got a sample of eye-shadow. 
Free Eye shadow samples

Final Note: I strongly recommend shopping from Coastal Scents but beware of the Indian Customs. If you have any relatives and friends coming from US now you know what you should order right ;)

Suggestions Needed:

Now I have this extra leather brush roll result of the tampering. I thought about storing eye pencils ;). But I don't have so many eye pencils to store in a roll. Any suggestions of using it for storing other cosmetics or accessories?


  1. wow.. its a nice brush set.. even I am building my collection.. I too have ordered mine from a website.. Hope it reaches me!1

    1. hello dear yes it's an amazing brush set :)
      wat brush set did u order and from where :)


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