May 7, 2012

Peek - A - Boo ~ Hair & Brush Series & May Haul

Helloooo Friends!!!

Haul of the Month

Most of my readers are already aware that I am covering one brand a month. But this month I wanted to do something different and I chose to dedicate Sagaciously Beautiful's May month for Hair and Brush Series.

My Hair Story:

Primary reason being I want to mend my own hair which is dry and frizzy. So I bought a few products hoping to soften the roughness. Will be sharing if the products have worked or not in smoothening and taming the frizz .

Also, I got a good response for the simple ponytail styles I shared here. Thanks to my readers :). This inspired me to try more hair styles. As I am no hair styler I had to look in you-tube for hair-do ideas and what I have noticed was that most of the hair-stylers already have beautiful, manageable hair.  But as my hair is unmanageable I had to practice more or try the same a little differently. So dedicating this month for all you lovely ladies with hair that is thick, curly/ wavy and unmanageable, but still willing to style it.

Upcoming Posts:
  • Reviews: Reviews of all the products from this haul would be covered.
  • Hair Styling: So many hair styling products are now available in the E-Market. So why delay? Let's try some curling/ straightening with or without Heat. I would be sharing Tips & Tricks I personally follow in styling hair.

Hair Dos: Being a complete novice, I would share only some simple styles for this month. However I promise to keep practicing more and share the same with you all in future. Other than my own styles I will share some You-Tube videos I personally liked and how they looked on my hair when re-created.
Click here to check out the Hair Care range already covered on Sagaciously Beautiful


Let it be Hair or Make-up, we all know what a difference proper brushes can make. I am in the process of building my own collection of brushes. I have already done some re-search on the same and will be sharing my knowledge on various brushes and how to work with them.

Make Up Brushes will be revealed in Part II of the post :)

Upcoming Posts:
  • What, Why and How of Make-Up brushes: Face, Eyes and Hair
  • Budget Brush Collection.
  • How I clean my Makeup Brushes.
As there is so much to cover I would continue this series beyond May. I don't want to bore you all with only Hair and Brushes so will cover few cosmetics as well.

Happy Preening.

Updates from Readers:
Rashmi Says:
i am using liss ultime masque since an year now, and its absolutely HG material !!! also the vega cushion brush is great , i am using it since i got rebonding done :) 

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