May 8, 2012

No Heat Sock Bun Curling ~ Review & Soft Waves Experiment

What is Sock Bun Curling:
Sock Bun Curling is widely popular to provide Loose Curls without Heat. The curls are formed by using a sock to roll hair into a bun and hence the name Sock Bun Curling. All you need is an old sock, styling product(mousse or gel), elastic band, 5 minutes of effort and a good night sleep. You will wake up with lovely curls and obviously a big smile :D

Experiment: Sock Bun Waves

How to Sock Bun Curls:
I have learn't by seeing this video. So sharing the same with you all.

What I Like About Sock Bun Curling:
Before I knew about this sock bun method, I tried styling the layers of my hair with both blow dryer and  curler. But on my own, it was difficult to curl the short layers near to the crown of the head. So that hair remained frizzy without definition. Also both the methods were time consuming and damaging. But with sock bun curling,
  • No Heat.
  • No Damage
  • Less Effort.
  • Comfortable to sleep with the bun on hair.
  • Gives me perfect every day curls - Straight on the scalp but loose wavy curls across the length.
  • Less equipment, no electricity required. Just one sock bun to be carried even while going for camping trips ;)
What I don't like:
  • Waiting time is more so cannot be done in the busy mornings.
  • I don't have a loosened old sock at home to make a sock band. So I use a large band to make the bun. 
  • I need a styling product to make the curls last longer
  • I prefer using a thick elastic to make a pony than a thin elastic for my thick hair. 
Soft Waves Experiment:
It's my hair wash day today and I woke up very late. Result no much time to style. So, I decided to do something to just give a definition to my naturally wavy hair. I utilized the sock bun method to form waves.

I followed the same method shown in the video but on towel dried damp hair. Also added mousse to the pony.
The Funny Bun 
Got ready and had breakfast. All in all waited for about 10 minutes with the bun on my head. Then using a blow drier I dried the bun for about 5 minutes. Rolled the bun out and the result is

I know it's very untidy because it's still very damp, uncombed and the curls were held only for few minutes.

I combed through the hair with a wide toothed comb. The curls loosened forming waves. This is the picture after hair dried fully. Please ignore my face expression :P

My hair did stay wavy for the whole day but the moistness in hair made it frizzy :(.

Tomorrow's Post: Overnight Sock Bun Curls Experiment 


  1. hey i cud not make the bun with the sock as shown in video.. can u pl upload ur video for rolling pony tail into bun..

    1. Hi Siree sure I will make a video soon :) :)


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