May 9, 2012

No Heat Sock Bun Curling ~ Part II ~ Overnight Curling Experiment

This is in continuation to my yesterday's Sock Bun Curling post.

Last night I have made the bun with a band and let it be overnight. It was very comfortable to sleep in with. The only change was instead of spritzing plain water I used the water hair perfume mentioned here. Morning I woke up with the heavenly smell of mogra and lovely curls :)

The pictures are not fully justifying the actual curls formed. I personally loved these loose curls on my hair. You can do it daily and still no damage to hair.

  • Don't use a brush if you want to maintain the curls
  • Few types of hair require a spray to set the curls and make them last longer. My hair is one such type ;)
  • Brushing the hair loosens the curls to waves. I usually maintain the curls for one day and later brush it through. Then I get waves and few curls which last till I next wash my hair.
Curl Glory:
That's me basking in the glory of no heat curls :P

Share your thoughts:
Friends , did you try Sock Bun Curling or any other no heat curling method? What is it and how was your experience?


  1. love ur smile and blue attire ..awesome curls

  2. Thank U Sharry :)
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