May 29, 2012

New Hair Cut With Curls & Subtle Glamorous Eyes

I know most of you must have visited Sagaciously Beautiful yesterday to check the New Hair Cut with Curls post which I failed to share. Apologies for the disappointment my dear friends!!!

On some days it gets difficult to maintain balance between Work & Love and yesterday was one such day. I missed to spend time with my dear Blog :(

Well I know any excuse will not justify it, but I hope my friends will understand. To compensate I am sharing a simple eye look that would add subtle Glamour for eyes and would be perfect for Day Time events.

The Curls:

I have tried overnight Sock Bun Curling to get big loose curls.

Subtle Glamorous Eyes:

Golden brown with minute shimmers on eye lids and brownish red shade in the crease.

Final Look:

Along with curls I changed the side of the bangs as well.  So here is the overall look.

I think the bangs to the other side are looking more like a puffed up style. Wow I like this!!! One side you get bangs and on the other side puffed up hair without pins. Thanks to my hair styler who did exactly what I asked her to do.

Which Hair Style do you like?


  1. Love the soft curls vish :) u have lovely hair :)

  2. Hey Apoorva :)
    Thanks a lot :)
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