May 11, 2012

My Weekend Care - Cleanse & Nourish

I always believed that makeup or no makeup having a clean nourished skin is the first step to beauty. Sharing with you all my basic weekend Cleanse & Nourish routine which relaxes me and marks the beginning of a beautiful week ahead.

Hair Care:
Oil + Hair Wash + Deep conditioning. I never miss this on a weekend. For me it's indeed a way of pampering myself. I apply oil over night and shampoo my hair. Depending on my mood I either use a hair mask or a conditioner and wait for 10 minutes for effective conditioning.

Scrub:  Scrubbing is very important to get a clean skin. Concentrate on face, hands and feet. Over the week, we apply many creams which get absorbed into skin. So, it's very important to get the grime all out of the pores. Best time to scrub is during the hair conditioning wait time. You body is all wet and soaked so gets cleaned easily. I use Pumice stone to scrub hands, legs and feet. For face I use the Lotus White Glow Scrub. Click here for the review

Manicure/ Pedicure: Before going for hair wash I remove all the nail enamel, and apply moisturizer thickly for hands, feet and massage it for 2 minutes. Now the warm water and the shampoo rinsing will by default make my nails clean and soft. Time Saver!!!. Next during the hair conditioning wait time I push the cuticles back using the nails of other fingers. After coming out of the bath I immediately take a cuticle cutter and cut any dry skin or dry cuticles left out. Done clean and neat hands/ feet with a 5 minutes extra effort during hair wash day. 
  If required I shape my nails and then apply my favorite nail enamel. Gives my hands and feet a polished look.

Face Pack: Usually I follow the post head bath session with a face pack. After scrubbing, the pores get unclogged so the face pack will give more effective results.

Tweezing: I go to a saloon every 3 weeks for tweezing/ threading. But every weekend I make it a point to check my eye brows and upper lip area for any extras and tweeze them. This is the most important step to me in my routine.

Lastly after the through cleaning I use a good moisturizer to restore the lost moisture of the skin.Yes it takes a full 45 - 60 minutes but well worth it and I love it. At times I do distribute the steps over the 2 days of the weekend.

Friends, what's your weekend self care routine?

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