May 27, 2012

Funday Looks ~ New Hair Cut & Pink Blue Eyes

Hello Friends,

Happy Sunday Morning :)

I have tried a new hair cut and yes that's the post is about today.

I got bored with the layers so this time I asked my Hair Stylist to give a deep U cut from behind, one layer near shoulders and side bangs in the front. Also, asked her to shape the hair by just trimming the dry ends so that I don't loose the length. She did exactly what I said. The result is...

I somehow feel that these short side bangs doesn't suit me much. Also the stylist has blow-dried the hair straight which I don't prefer. I will try overnight curling today and tomorrow I will share how this hair cut looks with curls.

This haircut might not suit me but this is definitely a low maintenance hair cut and ladies whose style statment is Bangs can give this 'One layered U Cut With Bangs' a try.

Oh by the way, to cheer myself from the bangs disappointment I did a bright colourful eye look with blue and pink eye shadows using my new Coastal Scents Brushes. Here's the look.

Before I end I want to bid farewell to my old Make-up Brushes. Agreed they are not great brushes but still they have been with me in all the looks created till now. So they do deserve a blog farewell :)


Catch up with you all tomorrow with curly locks :). Bye and Happy Preening Friends !!!

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