May 17, 2012

Faces Rollers - Self Hold Medium - Review & How To

What Faces says about the Self Hold Medium Rollers?
This self-rollers are designed to grip with pins that makes it easy to use. It gives you the perfect curl when used on damp or dry hair. It suits to all hair types. Not to be used on oily hair.

    Price: 145 INR for 6 rollers

    The Faces Self Hold Medium Rollers are nothing but Velcro Rollers. They are termed as 'Self Hold' because you won't be needing pins to hold these rollers in the hair. The Velcro helps the rollers to stick to the hair.


    The Faces rollers comes with the Velcro Strip stuck to a pretty pink plastic base. Coming to the Self-Hold term yes they do hold well but if you roll your hair to a certain length then the roller slowly slides down due to weighing. You can use these without pins to get flips or a curl at the ends. But for tight curls of a certain length better add a bobby pin which fixes the position of the roller.

    All the 6 rollers are of the same size 'Medium'. This size might be sufficient to give tight curls for shoulder length thin hair. For long thick hair one would get soft bouncy curls. But if you roll it only at the ends one can get tight curled ends. Also depending on the thickness of hair one might need more than 2 packs of these rollers.
    I prefer to use them overnight as I get nice curls which stay long without the need of any holding spray. Also as I have long hair and as I mostly use these rollers only below the shoulder level, I can push the rolled in hair aside and sleep comfortably.

    But for short hair or if you have rolled in the hair till scalp level it would be uncomfortable to sleep in with the plastic rollers.

    Instant Curling: 
    Simply dampen the hair, roll in the rollers and use a blow dryer to provide heat to the rollers. This will set the curls. Do use a holding spray after you remove the rollers. Else it may not stay for long.

    How to Roll?

    My idea of perfect hair style is straight. smooth hair on the scalp with curls from below the shoulder level.

    Long Hair:
    I have long hair with layers at 3 different lengths.
    • I first wear a pony and dampen the pony by spritzing water. 
    • I just follow the length of my layers and divide the pony into 6 parts ( 1 roller for each layer ;) ). 
    •  Detangle each section with a comb/brush. 
    • I place the roller at the end of a section and then roll the hair in, till the entire roller is covered with hair. Then I secure the roller with a bobby pin. The use of pins haven't spoiled the Velcro strip in any way.

    Results of this method on my hair.

    A look done with these curls can be checked here

    Short Hair:
    One can divide the hair into equal parts and roll in these rollers till it touches the scalp. I still suggest the use of bobby pins for securing the rollers against weighing down. Refer to the picture for the kind of curls you would get.

    Removal & Maintenance:
    While removing the rollers, roll them out in the same direction you have rolled them in. Don't pull them out rapidly as it would lead to hair breakage. After removing the rollers you can loosen the curls by running fingers through the hair. Use a hair spray if you want the curls to last long.

    Final Note: Velcro rollers are always a safer bet to avoid the hassle of using Brushes & Hot Curlers leading to hair damage. These particular Faces Rollers are good for beginners to get some basic curls without damage and at a cheaper price. Don't except these rollers to be a single solution to provide your dream curls. 

    Dear Readers: Let me know your opinion about "Faces Rollers - Self Hold Medium" in the 'Will You Buy It' section and share your feedback about the review through comments.

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