Apr 12, 2012

Tag ~ My 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty!!

Hellooooooooo to all my beautiful friends :)

I have been tagged to share my 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty.

Tagged By:
  • Preeti  - She is a sweet lady sharing her beauty knowledge and makeup love through http://cutepinknpurple.blogspot.in/I follow her regularly, do visit her blog and I am sure you would enjoy reading her posts :).
  • Puja Malhotra { http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/}- Goshh!! She has such beautiful hands and nails which she enhances through Art. Do check her art by visiting her blog :)
Well so here is the list of my sins :)

Q.What is your most inexpensive beauty product you love and why? 
  •  Vaadi Lip Balms. For Rs 20/- they offer huge quantity and decent moisturization. It's my night time lip balm :)
Q.What is your most expensive beauty product you love and why? 

  • Revlon PhotoReady Concealer. People who read my post would already know why I love it but for others it's something that works well on my dark circles :)
Q. which beauty product you have love and hate relationship with and why? 

  • Avon Skin SoSoft Soft & White Protect & Enhance Whitening HBL. I hate the feel of it on my skin but love it's results :)
Q.What is your most delicious beauty product? 

  • Fruity/ Minty and sweet Lip Products. In particular BonBons Flavoured Lip Juicers. By the way this product can also be added to the most inexpensive beauty product question :P
Q. Which product you neglect due to laziness? 

  • Eye creams :(. I feel lazy to apply them separately and end up using face moisturizer itself.
Q. What traits you find attractive in opposite s*x? 

  • Hygiene, wittiness and smartness
Q.What items you would like to receive as a gift? 
  • If it comes to makeup then Palettes ---> Eyes, Lips, Blushes......:P. In general, I like anything simple and handmade. It's not the money but the time spent on the gift that matters to me :)

It's fun to be tagged and now it's time to pass on the tag :). I am tagging

I am not sure if this is allowed but I am passing the tag to some non beauty bloggers also. Well it's obvious that I enjoy reading their posts too :)


  1. Woww :) Love readin this post!
    Thanks for the sweet tag Vish :D

  2. Thank u Lancy :) waiting to knw ur sins :) :)
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  3. wow..vish..thanks for introducing me....and i really njoyed reading ur answers...noted that u love hand made products...Thats gr8..

  4. Thank u fr tagging dear I totally enjoyed answering it :)
    N nothing like intro just wrote wat I felt :)
    S handmade n simple yet sweet gifts really make my day :)
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  5. got to know more abt u vish.. even my little cousin likes vaadi lip balms a lot and keep on asking me to order them whenever i place an order...  :)

  6. :) :) oh heheheheh ya usually it's d nly so called make up allowed for them ;) Even I used n ofcourse still love lip balms
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  7. Thank you Vish! :) Thank you so much. 

  8. Oohhh no need to thank :) I just shared what I like :)
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  9. Thank You for tagging me Vish. I'll do the tag when I'll get some time. Depends on my laziness lol. Love, B.


  10. Hey np sure :)
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  11. Pujamalhotra_1982April 13, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Thanks for writing about me.......enjoyed reading ur answers.....lovely post.......

  12. Hey Puja glad to knw dat :) n u don't have to thank me
    Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


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