Apr 20, 2012

Olay Moisturizing Cream - Review, Swatch & Picture Demo

What Olay says about the Moisturizing Cream?
This cream provides long lasting moisturization and improves skin softness and smoothness to leave it youthful looking

Price: 399 INR for 100g

Look & Feel:

  • Texture: It comes as a baby pink colored thick moisturizer which is creamy and soft to touch.
  • Package: Comes in a tub package which is unhygienic as we have to dip fingers every time we use. Nonetheless it's very sturdy and the lid also comes with a flip cap beneath, to provide extra protection against spilling.

  • Fragrance: Very mild pleasant smell which reminds me of baby soaps. It lingers hardly for few minutes. So people who prefer non scented face products will love this too.


    Quantity Needed for Summers for Face & Neck

  • Moisturizing? Trust me, it's a boon for people with dry skin as it can be used throughout the year. Use little in Summers and more in Winters to get the required moisturization. Yippie!! No more flaky & patchy skin any time of the year :)
  • Absorption? Absorbs in seconds without feeling heavy on skin.

  • Lasting Power? Lasts till you next wash your face.
  • As a Prep Base? I have used in beneath foundation, sunscreen, BB cream and compact. It adapted well to all the products used.
  • Softness? Apply this and use a compact to set it. You will get baby soft smooth skin for a long time.
  • Breakouts? In-spite of having dry skin I always get pimples when I use oil based moisturizer. With this none at all :)

  • Dry Skin: Ladies stop your search and get it immediately
  • Normal Skin: Will work equally well with just a little quantity
  • Oily Skin: Better avoid it but if you still want to try, it will not cause any harm when only little is used.

Final Note: Olay claims just what a good moisturizer is supposed to do and it has succeeded in delivering the claim. Totally impressed!!! If used only for face & neck one jar will last a whole year. So definitely worth every penny spent.


    1. PujaKhannaMalhotraApril 20, 2012 at 1:07 AM

      i have dry skin will try this soon....

    2. Sure let me knw hw it worked :)
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    3. :) do u have dry skin or oily skin Neha?
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    4. i always heard good abt olay..now its confirmed.will try..

    5. Hellooo Preethi :) glad u trust my reviews v happy to hear frm u alwaz Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

    6. Shameema AmanullahApril 20, 2012 at 2:12 PM

      I have Olay moisturizing lotion, it also has the same Texture and Fragarance as you mentioned. Since my skin changes to Oily/combination in summer, i use it only at night, try that also, its a very good lotion :) :)

    7. Helloooo Shameema :)
      Glad u visited my blog and thank u for sharing ur exprnce
      Sure will definitely check out the lotion as I indeed prefer lotions to creams Yes even my face turns oily in summers bt I still get dry patchs around lips so I use this
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    8. yay! gud for dry skin so m getting Olay

    9. YAYYY :) :)
      Do review too will b glad to knw ur opinion as well
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